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A Sound Vision for CRM: How i CRM Spotlight - Sennheiser


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From the organization, to the employee, to the customer: all benefit when employees can better connect with customers, easily share that collaboration history with colleagues, and quickly enhance the 360-degree view of customers across interaction channels. See Sennheiser’s vision for future-oriented CRM and using social media to boost effective communications and drive sales growth in this spotlight presentation.

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A Sound Vision for CRM: How i CRM Spotlight - Sennheiser

  1. 1. A SOUND VISION FOR CRM Klaus Höling Group CIO & IT Director Sennheiser Johan Giesberts Global CRM Manager Sennheiser @SennheiserUSA #SugarCon
  2. 2. The Sennheiser Story 2
  3. 3. Behind the Scenes 4 16%
  4. 4. Sennheiser and Sugar • Planned 680 users worldwide end of 2014 – Americas 25%, Apac 22%, EMEA 53% • Partner: Insignio CRM GmbH 5
  5. 5. Goals: • 360° customer view • Increase operational effectiveness • Keep it simple & user oriented • Use standard process and technology • Support social business • Support business strategy • Deep understanding of markets and shape them • Support sustainable and profitable growth • Comply with stringent privacy regulations and laws
  6. 6. CRM Vision • Significantly increase customer focus throughout the entire organization and enhance customer service • Support global business growth and profitability • Engage with existing processes and enable new ones • Adhere to strict data security laws 7
  7. 7. CRM Today • Sales tracking • Contact Management • Perfecting data • Document Management 8
  8. 8. CRM Core Business Processes Opportunity Management Account & Contact Management User, Business Team, Report & Workflow Management Interaction Management Lead Management CRM Business Data Objects Lead, Contact, Account Call, Task, Email, Note, Meeting Contract, Document Project Report Opportunity Account Opportunity Contract & Document Management Project Management SugarCRM Scope
  9. 9. Integrations • LotusNotes • IBM Connections • Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise (ERP) • Mobile: iPhone/iPad 10
  10. 10. CRM Business Solution 2013 CRM Business Solution 2013 Sugar(糖)CRM JDE (master data, transactions, status) Sales Portal BI Customer Information Portal Data Warehouse (sales figures) Extraction Reports,Graphics ERP integration with Magic XPI
  12. 12. Integrate Social 13 @blakeshelton
  13. 13. How Sennheiser hears social media 14 • ReTweet links about equipment use to professional and music industry influencers • Identify opportunities to link products – eg: headphones for popular video games • Help consumers find nearest Sennheiser store or affiliate.
  14. 14. Looking ahead • Gauge current system traffic • Address performance-first concerns • Ensure team is familiar with internal processes & functionality • Small pilot with social 15
  15. 15. Early impact • Improving data integrity • Driving employee empowerment • Clearer reporting 16
  16. 16. Global CRM Lessons • Reporting needs to account for local culture – U.S. = lead conversions, sales closed, metrics-driven – Asia = strength of relationships • CRM maturity differences – U.S. users are transitioning from another CRM – Elsewhere, it’s a new concept 17
  17. 17. The eight building blocks of CRM (Gartner 2013) Vision Metrics Technology Information & Insight Processes Organisational Collaboration Customer Experience Strategy Cusotmer Sennheiser CRM Champion CRMKey- user Selling the CRM
  18. 18. NEXT STEPS Mapping from today to our CRM vision
  19. 19. Marketing and Service CRM Business Systems Business Intelligence Web & Social Media Campaign Management CRM Business Data Objects List Management Target, Target List, Campaign Service Management SugarCRM: Sennheiser Hears the Future Email shotsWeb2Lead Web Shop Mass Email Marketing Case, Product
  20. 20. Moving forward with CRM • Consumer Systems – Sales contacts – Prospect communication – Task management – Monitoring product performance • Professional and Integrated Systems – Lead flow management – Opportunity development – Project management 21
  21. 21. Moving forward with CRM • Complete rollout to subsidiaries and throughout company • Create rule-based reporting package for staff unique to company role • Social media 22
  22. 22. Sugar and Sennheiser – creating the crisp, clear sound of success
  23. 23. THANK YOU @SennheiserUSA #SugarCon