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Sugar Bear Trio "Half Nuts"
and Moiko Records

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Sugar Bear Trio recommendations

  1. 1. Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records 108 Church Street Arcadia Mo. 63621 August 28, 2009 Dear Sir or Madam: Sugar Bear Trio "Half Nuts" Moiko Records Email: Url: Sound: Moiko Records Recording Artists the Sugar Bear Trio has just released their first Album Half Nuts on the Moiko Records Label. Please Click the Cover to buy and review. America's Hardest Working Hometown Power Trio, The Sugar Bear Trio signed with Moiko Records three months ago in May of 2009. But Even before signing, they were actively involved in promoting Moiko Records and helping to spread the word about the Great opportunity. When asked, they were ready, when we call, they answer. Sugar Bear Trio has earned the admiration and respect of the entire Moiko Records family and board of directors. Not only are they recording artist, but they are performing artist and put on a heck of a good show. And still, they make time to self promote themselves and their label. The Sugar Bear Trio is a Record Label Ideal Artist. Dedicated, Dependable and Talented. For bookings, please contact Moiko Records, and expect a powerful, entertaining high energy performance. “The SugarBearTrio is one of the most awesome & hardworking bands in the world. They are real go-getters!” August 15, 2009 Crystal Cartier , Executive Vice President/A&R , Moiko Records managed Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records “Positive, workers who are extremely determined! Amazing music and people in general, they have my two thumbs up!” August 12, 2009 Xavier E , Recording Artist , Moiko Records worked with Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records Sugar Bear Trio.... One of the most Dynamic Southern Rock Bands today! John Muller ... aka Word Man Executive Producer/A&R Moiko Records” August 10, 2009 John Muller , Executive Producer/A&R , Moiko Records managed Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records Philip Watson.
  2. 2. , Moiko Records Recording Artist, Moiko Records and producer “Sugar Bear Trio is a fabulous Southern Rock Band that keeps 'em rocking day and night. We've dubbed them "The hardest working Band in showbusiness!!"” September 1, 2009 “Great new, up and coming band from Arcadia, MO with the style of Blues and Southern Rock. They have a great sound and really just the guys next door. If you have a chance to check them out, you should really do so, or you're really missing out! If you'd like to know a little more, please check out this link at:” August 9, 2009 Ginny Williams , e-Associate , Global Verge/ Buzzirk Mobile was with another company when working with Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records “This is a very exciting and provocative group. This group is quite reliable and will delight any audience with it's one of a kind appeal. Expect great things from the Sugar Bear Trio - they deliver today and for tomorrow with the best harmony, the best great songs and a style that is uniquely Sugar Bear.” August 10, 2009 DJ FEMMIE Jackson , CEO, OWNER, MUSIC REVIEWER, DJ MUSIC REVIEWS, , SIERRA DONNA ENTERTAINMENT was a consultant or contractor to Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records “Sugar Bear Trio is a great dynamic rock band with many gigs and very popular on internet music sites!” August 11, 2009 Miltos Artoumas , m , m worked with Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records “Hi my name is Eli Schurder & I'm the sound engineer & co/writer for RTTA- RockThrough The Ages I Strongly Recommend the "Half nuts" album by the Sugar Bear Trio after listening to it I feel the music is very Rock/Country the vocals are good and great productions I'm looking forward to hearing more music by the trio!” August 24, 2009 Elitsur Schurder , Rock Through The Ages , RTTA was with another company when working with Sugar at Sugar Bear Trio Moiko Records Philip Watson has recommended you on LinkedIn From: Philip Watson Date: September 1, 2009 To: Sugar Bear Trio Dear Sugar, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "Sugar Bear Trio is a fabulous Southern Rock Band that keeps 'em rocking day and night. We've dubbed them "The hardest working Band in showbusiness!!""
  3. 3. FAN CLUB INTERNATIONAL! Dear Sugar Bear Trio, I am honored to announce that you are this week's FEATURED MEMBER on The Fan Club International Social Site aka FCI. Please use this time to make friends on the site and share what it is you are doing in your business, entertainment or life endeavors. Also, invite others to join you at the FCI Social Site. Simultaneously, FCI will be networking with you to help you promote your endeavors. As an Entertainment Marketing Company, as we draw close to our 2009 launch, we will be conducting pre-launch events such as, Open Mic Events, Auditions, Movie Premieres, Fashion Events and more. Again, I want you to know that I am humbly honored to be your friend and look forward to a lifetime friendship of success. Very Respectfully, Rickie G. Tedford Sr. President/CEO Fan Club International Inc. Rickie G, Tedrord Sr. President/CEo Fan Club International Bob Mahnke Klbm The Moon Radio Blog To all you Moikoians, I want to tell you about the changes that are coming to KBLM the Moon. But, first for those of you who don't know me,my name is Bob Mahnke and I own KBLM the Moon, an online internet radio station. We only broadcast on the web and our audience is international. For the past 4 years we have played a mix of music styles country rock,oldies,big band and pop from all of the big name stars in the music world and a small mix of some independent music. Then about a year ago some friends of ours(The Sugar Bear Trio ) told me about Moiko Records, that the people were nice and the music was good and I should check out the site and see if I could find some new music to play. Well I popped in one day, joined and was greated by the nicest people a man could want to meet. I put out the word of who I was and told everyone that if they would like some airplay they could send their music to me and I would give it a listen and if it fit our format I would give it airtime. • Well about one year, later here we are with changes coming to "The Moon". We are changing our format to a total flip flop of what we were one year ago. Instead of 70 to 90 percent "Big Name Stars" and 10 to 30 percent independent, we are going to be playing 70 to 90 percent "Moiko Records Stars" music with a small mix of the "Name Stars" thrown in. I feel that people can hear the Big Names on any radio at any time of the day or night, and quite frankly it is getting boring to me hearing the same stuff over and over again. After being a musician/entertainer for over 40 years, I know how hard it is to get airplay for your music. So after talking to Moiko and Crystal and my crew here at "The Moon" (Cheryl Ann,Jordin Marie and Phil Thomas) we decided to make the format change. # Posted by Bob Mahnke on August 21, 2009 at 11:47pm KLGB "The Moon"
  4. 4. Honors and Awards Abc Radio Network Effigy Awards Fan Club international featured member of the month. 5th in Comedy Melodic Music Revolution,meermusic,Featured Artist Groups and Associations Fanclub International, Moiko Records, Phatfirm Radio, Abc Radio Effigy Awards, IMI, ascap.mi2n, Woodysmusic Network, Facebook, twitter,, Sugar Bear Trio has also donated "Im Lost" to Moiko Showcase Album. We have always been all will always be staunch supporters of Moiko Record Moiko Records artists and most importantant support charity projects of all Moiko Records and artists. Sincerly, Sugar Bear Trio