Mobilize MS outlook


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Mobilize MS outlook

  1. 1. Mobilize your MS outlookWork with Outlook, as from your desktop, from virtually anywhere Karya Technologies Inc.
  2. 2. Overview Email is and probably, will remain the central backbone of ourcommunication framework. There is no doubt, growth of Smartphones and Tabletsis going to be explosive in coming years, and this will be directly proportional togrowth of mobile email. Todays fast moving, hi-tech world, demands wireless email, from anywherewith one of the most popular mobile devices available. Having the contacts up todate, at our fingertips has become a crucial need.The problem As an outlook user you always look forward to work with your Outlookemails anytime, anywhere. If thats the case, definitely desktop alone cannot behelpful. Want those important outlook contacts even while you’re away from yourdesktop? Are you tied-up to your desktop just to check your outlook emails? Is your answer "yes" to any one of the above questions, then the list belowmight also contain your most awaited outlook needs on the go.Is that all you are looking for is • Receiving your outlook emails even when you are away from your desktop. • Sending outlook emails with attachments, even while away for a family trip. • Searching for contacts stored in your outlook from anywhere on the globe. • Searching for your most crucial older mail, amidst a business lunch. Your time is valuable, so why put gaps in your efficiency by missing out themost crucial rss attachments stored in your inbox. Make outlook access as easyas breeze.
  3. 3. The Solution Looking for a way to use all of the rich Outlook functionality you alreadyknow and use, anywhere away from your desktop. The way out of the problemwould definitely be an app that puts the entire desktop outlook on to your hand-held device, thus supporting the growing trend of mobile workforce. Catch your outlook mails even amidst your snooze with OutlookReflex.OutlookReflex provides the users, considerable flexibility in generating, receivingand managing Outlook emails and the application holds a number of distinctadvantages.A use caseuse case 1: Mr. Wilson the head of marketing department is on a sales trip. He reachedthe clients place and came to know that the purchasing manager, Nick Brigandi,has left the company, and a new purchasing manager, Andrea Dunker, has beenhired. Wilson has already provided the details pertaining the deal to Mr. Nick andso he didnt carry any copies of the details nor his laptop. Now he is put up in asituation to provide the details again to Mr. Andrea Dunker. What would havebeen done by Wilson?Solution
  4. 4. Now lets analyze the way out of the frustrating situation. Only if Wilsoncould access the purchase details stored in his outlook, he would have closed thedeal. But then how is it possible?What if Wilson had a way to access his desktop outlook emails from his mobiledevice? Wow, then he could have got the details instantly from his outlook folderand provided it to Andrea. Then what more, the deal would have been made.Outlook Reflex-the right solution The most crucial needs of the outlook users, being the access to outlookcontacts and a way to carry the Outlook folders containing their e-mails, rssfeeds, attachments etc, thus providing instant access to the stored data are allenabled with OutlookReflex. OutlookReflex on your Smartphone and Tablets allows you stay connectedto the Desktop MS Outlook, from anywhere on the globe.
  5. 5. What users can do and accomplishStay connected with desktop Outlook email • Never miss out your Outlook e-mails, instead Mobilize MS Outlook! • OutlookReflex provides instant access to desktop Outlook e-mails right from your hand-held, even while you are on the go. • OutlookReflex shares your Desktop Outlook on to your Smartphone. • Access your Outlook e-mails, contacts and tasks readily from your smartphone. • MS outlook access on the go put to ease, with OutlookReflex.Search Outlook e-mails even duringcommute• Find the exact e-mail youre lookingfor, by just entering the keywords. Supporte platforms d• Find any e-mail in a flash of time, justwith the senders name or a word from thee-mail’s content. Blackberry• Search the Mailbox for e-mails by Name,Subject or any Text in the e-mail. iPhone/iPod Touch• OutlookReflex allows quick and easy access tothe stored emails with advanced search filter. iPadView and Forward e-mailattachments Android• View and forward e-mail attachmentsfrom your Smartphone and Tablets. Windows Phone 7• Search the entire desktop and attachany desktop file to your e-mail.
  6. 6. Supports Multiple desktop and multiple accounts • Instant access to MS outlook emails, available in different desktops, made facile with OutlookReflex. • OutlookReflex supports multiple e-mail accounts stored in your Outlook Inbox.View and send emails to outlook and phone contacts, on the go • View Outlook contacts right from your smartphone. • View the contacts in V Card format which includes Full Name, Company, Job Title, Email Id, Web Address, Phone Numbers and Address etc. • Features like click to call, one click email and contact locator makes the application handy.View and Create folders from mobile • OutlookReflex enables users to carry the Outlook folders containing their e- mails, rss feeds, attachments etc, thus providing instant access to the stored data. • Creating new folders as you commute is also made possible with outlookReflex thus helping the users to organize their outlook efficiently. • Moving the e-mails across folders is permissible with OutlookReflex.Flag e-mails and mark them as read/un-read • Flag the crucial e-mails that needs your attention, right away as and when you receive it. • Sort out the emails by labeling them as read/un-read.Log in with social website credentials • The option of logging in using the credentials of Twitter, Linked in and Facebook makes mobile access to outlook facile.
  7. 7. Manage and organize outlook as and when needed • Set default email account for Compose/Reply/Reply All • Delete unwanted emails as and when needed.The ultimate success of any remote access product hinges on a successful userexperience. OutlookReflex provides a secure connection to desktop outlook rightfrom your hand-held.Use case for OutlookReflex Mr. James is a chronic outlook user and has the habit of storing all thecontacts in his desktop MS outlook. He relies totally on his outlook emails formost of the business communications. He keeps all the attachments in theirspecific folders and reviews them whenever needed. For example the mails onbusiness contracts and other product details are the most crucial for him, whichneeds anytime access for making up important decisions. James always puts a lotof things in his mind and thus tends to forget to reply mails. After all, as easy asit is to send someone an email, it’s just that easy for both sender and receiver toforget it’s there. So, he used to flag the important mails to keep a track of allthose little requests (both the ones you send and the ones you receive.) But onegreat difficulty James faced was that he was missing out his outlook mailsfrequently because, he was a frequent traveler. It was to his luck that he found out "OutlookReflex" (the app that puts thedesktop outlook on the mobile,) from the App stores. Now with OutlookReflex heis able to flag the outgoing mails to remind the recipient of the important mailand he even sets a reminder to pop up for his recipient, prompting him/her torespond to his email within the dead-line. He feels great to accomplish all thepossible tasks with OutlookReflex on the go.
  8. 8. Working of OutlookReflex MS Outlook Folders in the Desktop is shared using Outlook DesktopApplication. As the Desktop is connected to the Internet, our Mobile App accessesthe entire MS Outlook Mails from the Desktop through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.OutlookReflex comprises of a Mobile App and a Desktop Application. Mobile Appcan be downloaded from App store. Registration process is required to get yourUser-name and Password. A suitable Desktop Application is downloaded After Installing OutlookReflex Desktop Application,Validation process for the registered user needs to be done. Signing up withMobile App enables you to activate the Mobile Device. Share your MS OutlookFolders from your Desktop Application and stay connected to your MS Outlook onSmartphone and Tablets
  9. 9. Storage and pricing The application as such allows the sharing of outlook from your desktop onto your smartphone, and there are no specifications for the size or type of files ordocuments to be shared. The current pricing is $9.99/year. The provider offers afree trial period of around 5 days, as most of them want to give a try beforegetting any application.SummaryMS Outlook, the most used email application is now made mobile withOutlookReflex. At ease outlook access form hand-held, the most looked for by thecrucial outlook users is now made possible with OutlookReflex. To find more, visit, To try it, visit, and download a 5 day free trial.