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Filereflex ppt


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FileReflex enables instant access to desktop documents even on the move.

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Filereflex ppt

  1. 1. Mobile access to dataThe working environment has changedsignificantly and can be expected to changemuch more!The affordability and technological advancesin Smartphones, iPad and other tablets areallowing us to perform most of our dutiesfrom remote locations and even whilecommuting between destinations.People do want mobile access to desktopdata, from anywhere on the globe to thrive inthis highly competitive world.
  2. 2. FileReflex: The key to remote desktop access.• FileReflex provides instant access to desktop documents from the hand-held like Smartphone, Tablets, iPad etc.• No matter where you are, all your latest Desktop documents can be viewed on your smart phone.• FileReflex puts the desktop itself on the Cloud
  3. 3. The key features of FileReflex• View the entire desktop documents on the go.• Search the desktop using keywords, from your Smartphone.• View files of various formats like• MS Office: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS,XLSX etc.• Image: JPG, PNG, BMP• Multimedia: MP3, AVI, WMV etc• Print the needy documents on the go, with the Blue-tooth printer from the Smartphone.• Share individual files or the entire folder.• Supports enterprise users with VPN and BES.
  4. 4. The Pros of FileReflex• Does not require syncing of the files to the cloud.• Allows you to search the entire desktop on the go.• Can email any files in the desktop.• Easy to understand UI.• Secured sharing of data.
  5. 5. The Cons of FileReflex• Needs the system to be running all the time.• Needs network connectivity.
  6. 6. The working of FileReflex• FileReflex comprises of a Mobile App and a Desktop Application.• Mobile App can be downloaded from the respective App Store of the smart phone.• Registration process is required to get your Username and Password.• A suitable Desktop Application is downloaded from• After Installing FileReflex Desktop Application, Validation process for the registered user needs to be done.• Signing up with Mobile App enables you to Activate the Mobile Device.• Share your Documents from your Desktop Application and enjoy it on Mobile• FileReflex leverages a secured pathway for users to access shared files from one device to another. Files are not required to be uploaded or copied or stored in the cloud, just share it using FileReflex Desktop Application and access it on your Smartphone by using the FileReflex Mobile App.