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Procter and gamble (P&G)


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Procter and gamble (P&G)

  1. 1. The Procter & Gamble Company, also known as P&G, is an American multinational consumer goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Its products include pet foods, cleaning agents and personal care products.
  2. 2. P&G History: A Legend of Firsts 1837 Brothers-in-law William Procter and James Gamble start a partnership, making and selling candles and soap in Cincinnati 1859 P&G sales reach $1 million 1879 The inexpensive, but high-quality Ivory soap is introduced 1924 P&G is one of the first to create a market research department to study consumer preferences and buying habits 1955 Crest, the first toothpaste with fluoride clinically proven to fight cavities, is introduced 1961 Pampers is introduced and eventually replaces cloth diapers 1980 Sales reach $10 billion 2002 P&G develops Naturally feminine pads specifically to meet the needs of low- income women in Latin America. 2005 High Frequency Stores, Consisting of nearly 20 million stores across the world, FS represents a particular opportunity in fast-growing low income markets. Today P&G operates in 80 countries worldwide, employing more than 100,000. Has 13 billion dollar brands in its portfolio: Charmin, Tide, Pantene, Iams, Folgers, Crest, Olay, Always, Ariel, Bounty, Downy, Pringles, Pampers.
  3. 3. In 2012, P&G recorded $83.68 billion dollars in sales.  Fortune magazine awarded P&G a top spot on its list of "Global Top Companies for Leaders", and ranked the company at fifth place of the "World's Most Admired Companies" list. Chief Executive Magazine named P&G the best overall company for leadership development in its list of the "40 Best Companies for Leaders
  4. 4. FOUNDERS William Procter, a candle maker, and James Gamble, a soap maker, emigrated from England and Ireland respectively.
  5. 5. • Their father-in-law called a meeting and persuaded his son-in-laws to become business partners. On the 31st of October the Procter & Gamble company was created. • They began by supplying the Union Army with soap and candles.
  6. 6. Robert A. McDonald Alan G. "A.G." Lafley
  7. 7. VALUES
  8. 8. We Show Respect for All Individuals The Interests of the Company and the Individual Are Inseparable. We Are Strategically Focused in Our Work. Innovation Is the Cornerstone of Our Success. We Value Personal Mastery. We Seek to Be the Best. We Are Externally Focused. PRINCIPLES …
  9. 9. GLOBAL P&G touches and improves the lives of about 4.4 billion people around the world with its portfolio of trusted, quality brands. With operations in about 80 countries, P&G brands are available in more than 180 countries worldwide.
  10. 10. INDIA P&G is one of the largest and fastest growing consumer goods companies in India.  Established in 1964, P&G India now serves over 650 million consumers across India. Ambi Pur Ariel Duracell Gillette Head & Shoulders Olay Oral-B Pampers Pantene Tide Vicks Wella Whisper
  11. 11. Its presence pans across the Beauty segment, the Household Care segment as well as the Health care segment, with trusted brands that are household names across India. These include Vicks, Ariel, Tide, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Ambipur, Pam pers, Pantene, Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, Wella and Duracell.
  12. 12. Superior product propositions and technological innovations have enabled P&G to achieve market leadership in a majority of categories it is present in. P&G India is committed to sustainable growth in India, and is currently invested in the country via its five plants and over nine contract manufacturing sites, as well as through the 26,000 jobs it creates directly and indirectly.
  13. 13. Our sustainability efforts focus on Environmental Protection as well as Social Responsibility to help develop the communities they operate in. P&G operates under three entities in India - two listed entities ―Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited‖ and ‗Gillette India Limited‘, as well as one 100% subsidiary of the parent company in the U.S. called ‗Procter & Gamble Home Products‘.
  14. 14. LOGO
  15. 15. Operations  As of July 1, 2011, the company structure is categorized into two "Global Business Units" with each one further divided into "Business Segments" according to the company's 2011 Annual Report.  Dimitri Panayotopoulos is Vice Chairman of Global Business Units  Beauty segment  Grooming segment  Health Care segment  Snacks & Pet Care segment  Fabric Care & Home Care segment  Baby Care & Family Home Care segment
  16. 16. • In October 2008, P&G was named one of "Canada's Top 100 Employers" by Mediacorp Canada Inc., and was featured in Maclean's newsmagazine. • Later that month, P&G was also named one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers, which was announced by the Toronto Star newspaper
  17. 17. Brands • 26 of P&G's brands have more than a billion dollars in net annual sales, according to the 2012 Annual Report and P&G Corporate Newsroom. • Most of these brands—including Bounty, Crest and Tide—are global products available on several continents. • Procter & Gamble products are available in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
  18. 18.  Manufacturing operations are based in the following regions:  United States  Canada  Philippines  Mexico  Latin America  Europe  China (31 wholly owned factories) and other parts of Asia  Africa  Australia
  19. 19. Brands
  20. 20. Productions Procter & Gamble produced and sponsored the first radio soap operas in the 1930s. Procter & Gamble also was the first company to produce and sponsor a prime-time show.
  21. 21. Online marketing The company has actively developed or sponsored numerous online communities, i.e. in 2000),  As of 2000, the company had 72 "highly stylized destination sites
  22. 22. Fortune:  Ranked #5 among the ―Global Most Admired Companies‖  Consistent #1 ranking within industry on ―Most Admired‖ list for 26 of 27 total years and for 14 years in a row  Named to list of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, with top rankings from 2000– 2011
  23. 23. National Association for Female Executives:  Recognized by the National Association for Female Executives as one of the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women  Ranked #10 on the ―World‘s Most Respected Companies List‖
  24. 24.  Ranked #25 among the Top 50 Companies for Diversity  Ranked #9 on the Top Companies for Recruitment and Retention Bloomberg Businessweek:  Ranked #25 among the ―World‘s Most Innovative Companies‖
  25. 25. Readers Digest:  Silver Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Programs by Readers Digest, 2008. Indo-American Chamber of Commerce:  ―Best US Company operating in India under the FMCG Sector‖ by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)‘s 7th Corporate Excellence Awards.
  26. 26. AC Nielsen Survey:  Ranked #3 as the ―Employer of Choice‖ across the targeted campuses in a survey conducted by AC Nielsen. Business Today:  Business Today has rated P&G amongst the most preferred companies by management students across India.
  27. 27. Main competitor
  28. 28. Time-saving Easy to use Use everyday Convenient
  29. 29. Products • Ariel is a brand of laundry detergent. • Actonel is a brand of osteoporosis drug. • Bounty (paper towel) sold in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom • Braun is a small-appliances manufacturer specializing in electric razors, coffeemakers, toasters, and blenders. • Crest is a brand of toothpaste. • Dawn is a brand of dishwashing detergent. • Downy/Lenor is a brand of fabric softener.
  30. 30. Product s • Duracell is a brand of batteries and flashlights. • Fusion is a brand of men's wet shave razors and is the quickest P&G brand to have reached $1 billion in annual sales. • Gain is a brand of laundry detergent and fabric softeners. • Gillette is a safety razor manufacturer. • Head & Shoulders is a brand of shampoo body wash, and deodorant. • Old Spice is a brand of aftershave and shaving cream.
  31. 31. Product s • Ivory is a soap. • Nice 'n Easy is a hair coloring product. • Olay is a brand of women's skin care products. • Oral-B is a brand of toothbrush. • Pampers is a brand of disposable diaper. • Pantene is a brand of hair care products (conditioners/styling aids). • Prilosec OTC is a brand of heartburn medicine co-marketed by AstraZeneca. • Pringles is a brand of potato chips.
  32. 32. Product s • Puffs is a brand of facial tissue. • Secret is a brand of antiperspirant and deodorant. • TAG is a deodorant and body spray. • Tide is a brand of laundry detergent. • Vicks is a brand name of over-the-counter medicines (Formula 44, Sinex, NyQuil/DayQuil) • Wella is a brand name of hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, styling, and hair color). • Whisper is a brand of pantyliners sold primarily in Asian markets.