Digital copyright asean network agenda & confirmation


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Digital copyright asean network agenda & confirmation

  1. 1. Digital Copyright Asian Network Business Meeting & Seminar[ Organized by ]RICS[ Location ]Sheraton Grand Sukumvit250 Sukhumvit Road · Bangkok 10110 · ThailandPhone: 66 (0) 2649 8888 · Fax: 66 (0) 2649 8000Map:[ Title of Seminar ]“Protecting Copyright Technology & Digital Copyright issues, Korea-Thailand Collaboration ”[Date]August 14 ~ 15, 2012[Purpose]1. To communicate with Asian Nations & To collaborate the Digital Copyright Business2. To promote the Digital Copyright Technology in Asia3. To host the DCAN Forum with Korea Copyright Commission Branch[Participants]1. Digicap, CEO, Shin Yongtae2. Enswers, Director, Cho Hoonyoung3. World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations, Emeritus President, LeeYounghyun4. Electronic Telecommunications Research Institute, Principal Researcher, Suh Youngho5. Korea Copyright Commission, Manager, Lee Jungjae6. RICS, Representative, Oh Sanghoon7. RICS, Researcher, Jo Nahyang8. Thailand Business members[SIPA, Portal, Telecommunication, CP, Technology etc][Key Agenda]1. How to make the business among the company and What to do for us in the near future2. To discuss copyrights issues(system, marketing, information, ...)3. To study on the copyrights information on Industrial sectors(Broadcasting, Music, eBook,Movie,...)4. To communicate with Thailand CPs member on the interoperability of copyright information (Company, Institute, ...)5. To suggest the copyright technology systems(DRM, Water Marking, Filtering etc)
  2. 2. [Program] • 1st Day Program(10:00~15:30) :09:40 ~10:00 Registration & Introducing each other members10:00 ~12:00 Presentation by each side & discussion about technical measure for online Protection 1. Korea – " " By Mr. Cho Hoonyoung , Director - ENSERWS presentation (20 Min.) 2. Thailand – Thai Digital Music Industry (20 Min.) Industry Sensri- Mr. Surachai Sensri- GMM Grammy International 3. Korea - "Music Recommendation Player" By Mr. Suh Youngho, Principal Researcher - Electronic Youngho, Telecommunications Research Institute presentation (20 Min.) 4. Thailand – “Technical Measure for Online/ Digital Content Protection (1)” (1)” By Mr. Preecha Praipattarakul CEO – MOL Access Portal Co.,Ltd.12:00 ~ 13:00 Lunch break13:00 ~14:40 Presentation by each side & discussion about technical measure for online Protection 1. Korea - "Smart Ways to Protect Your Digital Contents Korea Contents" Mr. Shin Youngtae, CEO, DigiCAP Co., Ltd presentation (20 Min.) 2. Thailand - “TV/Media Content Industry” (20 Min.) Industry” CEO- Mr. Sang Do Lee, CEO-Mono Group 3. Korea - "Integrated Copyright management Number(ICN) of Digital Copyright Exchange" Exchange" Mr. Lee Jungjae, Manager, Korea Copyright Commission (20 Min.) Jungjae, 4. Thailand - Representative from Content Provider/ Games Industry (20 Min.)14.40 ~ 15.30 Discussion & Business Meeting[Information] • Business Meeting & Seminar 1. Presentation by each side – To suggest the copyright technology system 2. B2B Meeting 3. Visiting : Thailand Company & Agency • Showcase(Mini Exhibition) 1. The showcase consist of three tables for advertisement 2. Displays of copyright technology & system
  3. 3. ใบสมัครเข้ าร่ วมสัมมนา “Digital Copyright Asian Network - Business Meeting & Seminar” 14 สิงหาคม 2555 โรงแรมเชอราตัน แกรนด์ สุขุมวิท – กรุ งเทพฯกรุ ณากรอกข้ อมูลเป็ นภาษาอังกฤษ**Company name:Brief Description of the company’s business:Name of Participant:Gender: Mr. Ms. Mrs.Position:Contact Address :Telephone FacsimileEmail*** 1 คนต่อ 1 แบบตอบรับ จํากัดจํานวน 1-2 ท่าน ต่อ องค์กร/บริ ษัท****กรุณากรอกข้ อมูลให้ ครบถ้ วน เพือประโยชน์ของท่าน และความสะดวกในการติดต่อกลับ กรุ ณาส่ งใบสมัครมาทีโทรสาร หมายเลข 02 613 1724หากต้ องการข้ อมูลเพิมเติม กรุณาติดต่อ คุณโอม โทร. 02 613 1723