"About Me" slides for the SAP Mentor Wolfpack


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My "about me" slides used for the "Welcome New SAP Mentors" MentorMonday call on May 8, 2012.

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"About Me" slides for the SAP Mentor Wolfpack

  1. 1. Sascha Wenninger@sufwIntegration guy
  2. 2. I live in Melbourne
  3. 3. At WorkSAP Integration Architect at Australia PostDiscovered SAP through MII in 2006Now mostly SOA and PI
  4. 4. On the SoapboxRecent convert toRESTafarianism= somewhat religious ;-) http://vimeo.com/39673297 http://slideshare.net/sufw
  5. 5. On the SoapboxTries to apply YAGNI and KISS...It’s okay to design for throwing away!
  6. 6. At HomeCoffee snobFood nerdBeer appreciatorSingle malt aficionadoBad photographerParrot wrangler