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The Summer Reading Challenge 2013 presentation for schools

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  • Play some creepy music here, if you have some!
  • Join Tilda, Saeed, Ollie, Rhys, Zoe, Liv and Baskerville the dog as they explore the secrets of Creepy House and meet the hair-raising residents! You can join them by reading any library books you like. Simply head down to your local library and sign up for free!
  • • To find out who’s living in the attic, you’ll need to read two books • To discover who else is hiding, read two more books • Read two final books to complete the adventure and bring all the residents together Read two books from your local library to complete each stage You will collect stickers to complete the missing parts of your Creepy House
  • Please contact your local library to find out whether they have an awards ceremony or if they will come to school in September to present certificates and medals at a special assembly
  • “ Sign up free at your local library.” (Consider inserting a new slide here showing a photo of your local library) “ If you are already a library member – just take your library card along from start date…” (find out when this is before you do the assembly) “ If you aren’t a member – you can sign up anytime.” If your school is helping children to join their local library take the opportunity here to show the joining cards and explain what they need to do
  • Complete your Creepy House poster with stickers as you read your books at home – you can pick these up in the library. When you have read two books, take them back to the library and the staff will give you stickers to complete each stage on your Creepy House poster. Some of the stickers are scratch and sniff. Watch out! some are really smelly!
  • Lots more resources and fun things to do on line
  • Recap on the main themes It’s free Sign up at the library Get a Creepy House poster Read six books Collect stickers along the way – some are scratch and sniff! Get a medal and certificate when YOUR challenge is complete Show the trailer – click on the link in the presentation or go to:
  • Click on the link in the presentation or go to:
  • Click on the link in the presentation or go to
  • Creepy house assembly presentation

    1. 1. Are YOUlooking fora spine-tingling adventurethis summer?
    2. 2. DARE YOU ENTER!Then come and exploreCreepy Houseat a library near you thissummer!
    3. 3. Join Tilda, Saeed, Ollie, Rhys,Zoe, Liv and Baskerville the dogas they explore the secrets ofCreepy House and meet thehair-raising residents!
    4. 4. • The Awful Upstairs• The Gruesome GroundFloor• The Spine-tinglingcellarThere are three thrilling stages to yourThere are three thrilling stages to yourchallenge:challenge:
    5. 5. Complete thechallengeand you’ll get yourownmedal and certificate
    6. 6. When you sign up,you’ll get your ownCreepy House poster–complete withtrader cards of allthe residents!
    7. 7. Read six books from your libraryCollect stickers for yourCreepy House posterWatch out!Some of the stickers really STINK!YourYourchallengechallenge
    8. 8.• Track your progress on-line• Loads of games and competitions• Find out what your favouriteauthors are up to this summer• Use the Booksorter to recommendand choose books to read
    9. 9. • Insert local library address andopening hours here• Insert date the challenge beginsat the library• Watch the Creepy House trailer 
    10. 10. Here’s a very specialSummer Reading Challengemessage from FrankLampard
    11. 11. And Finally, here’s aspecial Summer ReadingChallenge message fromMalorie Blackman