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Under Armour- Strategic Marketing Plan By Zoe Suffety


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Strategic Marketing plan by Zoe Suffety including Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Internet Marketing that can boost the brand image of Under Armour.

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Under Armour- Strategic Marketing Plan By Zoe Suffety

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. About Under Armour• Founded in 1996• Women’s, Men’s and Children’s active-wear, shoes and accessories Located in Baltimore, Maryland• “PROTECT THIS HOUSE”
  3. 3. Challenges and Goals• Goals: • Develop mobile app for customers convenience Utilize frequency on social media: Pintrest and Twitter • Create a long lasting, memorable brand image• Challenges: • Competitors are strong, older, more established brands with solid brand images VS.
  4. 4. Target Market• Men and women of all ages People who maintain an active lifestyle• Runners and athletes
  5. 5. Social Media • Pintrest:Repin • Clothing is a large aspect of Pintrest Me Pinning up coming releases to get feedback • New clothing products and lines: Pin ‘em. • Twitter: Keep the users engaged • Contests for photos and ads that intrigue
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing• Developing a mobile app Features: • Store Locator: based on current location and search bar • Camera option to take photos of your favorite Under Armour pieces and track your activities in your Under Armour Gear • Push notifications on updates of new clothing lines and contests
  7. 7. Internet Marketing• Using Google Adwords and Google Keywords Effective Keywords may include: • Cold Gear • Athletic Foot wear Women’s Athletic Clothes • Men’s Athletic Clothes • Athletic Accessories • Sport Clothing
  8. 8. Budget and Timeline• Budget: $40,000 Mobile App: On average, $6500 • Maintenance and upkeep will add additional costs Location based ser vices: Dependent on reward given to users
  9. 9. Measuring the Success• Mobile App Downloads and uses• Internet Marketing • Google Analytics PPC (Pay Per Click) on specific ads• Social Media Tracked by responses, ret weets and repins