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Unit 18 producing print based media work book


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Unit 18 producing print based media work book

  1. 1. Unit 18 Producing Print Based Media Work Book (Support materials available at: Understand print based media production techniques and technology.Task 1The print based products that are produced by the media industries vary enormously. Digitaltechnology continues to grow but so do print based products. List 100 media products thatare print based:Task 2Using the internet as a research tool, explain what the following types of printing are andhow they came about: Letter Press (18.1.2) Laser Printing Desk Top PublishingTask 3 the links above and write a short piece (400 words) summarizing some of the keythreats that the print based industry faces. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of thenewspaper industry. Explain the technical difficulties that newspapers face.