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Birth of Two Teddy Bears


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Published in: Self Improvement
  • I love these Grammie Bears! I especially like watching them be born. Slide 10 looks like they are on 'time out' and then slide 11 they are happy 'time out' is over! LOL Incredibly handiwork!!!
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Birth of Two Teddy Bears

  1. 1. Presenting...... The birth of two teddy bears. In Memory of “Grammie”
  2. 2. They brought me a couple of bathrobes they were holding on to from their Grandma. They want two bears now, more later. One bear from each piece. There is enough to make at least six bears from these two pieces, possible eight!
  3. 3. It looks like a lot, but these are the pieces to make two bears from the robes. One bear will have ultra suede paws. The solid pink bear will have paws made from the print bathrobe.
  4. 4. All the pieces on the previous slide are now sewn together to make arms, legs, ears, and the body/head piece. They now need to be turn rightside out!
  5. 5. Starting to look like a bears? The next step will be attaching the arms and the legs with hardboard discs and locknuts & bolts. Putting in the eyes and the noses.
  6. 6. Jointed bears with no stuffing!!
  7. 7. Here they are stuffed. They always remind me of seals without their ears.
  8. 8. Here is a back view. The limbs and the body/head are stuffed separately. The arms and legs now move. They can sit or stand now!
  9. 9. Dreaming about getting ears and a mouth and maybe a bow…..
  10. 10. All sewn up and feeling good!!
  11. 11. DONE!! Ready for their trip home.
  12. 12. Any piece of clothing can be made into a teddy bear. Over the past 13 years, I’ve made bears out of almost everything!
  13. 13. Thank you for viewing! Sue Kulongowski Beary Unique Contemporary Crafts