Transcender sept 22, 2012


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Transcender sept 22, 2012

  1. 1. NEWS, VIEWS AND VISIONS FROM T.P.A., NEW YORK TPA/P.O. BOX 122-TPA/LIVERPOOL, NY 13088 FOUNDED 1979 IN THE SPIRIT—SYRACUSEVOLUME 28 NUMBER 7 SEPTEMBER, 2012 CONNECT TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: SEARCH TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATIONDate: Sat., September 22 GODDESSES!Business Meeting: 5:30 —Sue SavionDinner: 6:00Bring: Food and drink. Explore the history of goddesses and theirCleanup: 7:15 relevance in our lives today! The first por-The Gift: 7:35-9:30 tion will focus on people’s need for god- desses over time and will introduce prehis-Place: Sue Savion’s toric Mother Goddesses (Venus of Willen- 107 Humbert Ave. dorf, Bird Goddesses, Catal Huyok, Dewitt, 13224 Sheela-Na-Gig,,,), Egyptian (Isis, Hathor, Sekmet, Nut…), Minoan Snake Goddesses 315-446-6939 and culture, and Greek goddesses, with anDirections: From 81 S: take emphasis on Athena. The city of Pergamon and the Perga-the Brighton Exit. Turn right onto mon Museum will be discussed.State Street and go several blocksto Colvin (.3 mi.). Turn right onto The second part continues with Greek goddess AphroditeColvin and take it almost all the (Venus and many other love goddesses). Artemis, Me-way to end (2mi.) (Waring Road). dusa, Hecate, Rhea, Demeter, Persephone and others.You will pass the P&C on the right Learn about the oracles of Delphi and Didyma. Discoverand continue on up the hill (and the “Goddess” Mary and the mysterious Black Madonna.down again!) for several more The Roman Goddess Flora (Ceres) and Teutonic god-blocks. Veer left onto Humbert. desses, especially Holda, Middle Eastern goddesses from4th house on left, brown and Iran , Israel and Iraq, the Babylonian goddess Ishtar andwhite. the modern goddess Imperia are also included.From Dewitt: Take Randall Road(becomes Tecumseh) to Waring Many of you may have seen the Hindu, Buddhist(St. Sophia’s). Turn right onto De- and Chinese goddesses program that was pre-wolfe. 107 Humbert is at end of sented last year. This program will put that pro-DeWolfe. gram in proper context with the pantheon of many other goddesses and their past and pre-Donation: Member: $5.00 sent relevance.Nonmembers: $8.00Membership: $25.00 Susan Savion is currently TPA’s Newsletter Editor and webmaster. She is a retired reading Next Meeting: October 20 specialist who continues to teach at O.A.S.I.S. Kaye Lindauer: “Psyche, Eros, Jung, and other venues. and You” (Dedicated to Ken Dowd)
  2. 2. AN IMPORTANT REMINDER by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles http://eraofpeace.orgYou have the ability to make a positive difference in the world. This has been a roller-coaster time of miracles and challenges. It seems as though these extreme experi-ences are being used to wake Humanity up at warp speed. It is time for people every-where to remember who they are and why they are on Earth during this auspiciousmoment. Important changes are taking place, and in spite of outer-world appear-ances, we are beginning to see evidence of people in every walk of life reaching out tomake a positive difference.It seems that every day we are being flooded with fear-based information that reflects the dire possibilitiesof economic collapse, terrorist attacks, war, environmental disasters, governmental and corporate corrup-tion, crime, violence and myriad other potential dangers. It is very easy to become so overwhelmed withconcern that we just wring our hands and muddle through our days in a state of anxiety and desperation.The majority of people feel helpless when it comes to changing their lives or making a significant differ-ence in the world. Everyone wants things to get better, but most people dont truly believe they can effec-tively assist in the process. Well, fortunately, nothing could be further from the Truth. We are ALL co-creators. We are on Earth during this unprecedented time for the explicit purpose of uniting with our Fa-ther-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to co-create the wonders of Heaven on Earth. Whether weconsciously remember it or not, each and every one of us has been preparing for a very long time to assistin this mission. We all have unique skills and abilities that no one else on the planet possesses in exactlythe same way we do. We have volunteered to assist in helping to change the old, obsolete behavior pat-terns that are responsible for the pain and suffering Humanity is enduring. The time for us to begin fulfill-ing our Divine Missions is NOW!Traumatic experiences cause us to regroup and to reevaluate how we are living our lives. We have falleninto the pattern of using pain as our motivator. As long as we are not in pain, we will just plod along, dayafter day, without much thought. When a tragedy happens, however, we are forced to put our lives intoperspective. We stop for a moment and focus on what really matters to us. If we use the tragic event tochange our mode of operation and to put more meaning in our lives, then something good will come out ofeven the most horrific experience.The tragic events of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hous-ing debacle, the economic meltdown, and several other challenging events have transformed our lives for-ever. We have a choice as to whether we allow catastrophes to catapult us into lives of fear and dread orwhether we use those experiences to motivate us into creating lives of fulfillment and joy. We have theability to do both of those things; the path we choose is up to us.The only reason we have not been co-creating lives of joy, happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, fi-nancially and creatively rewarding jobs, vibrant health, fulfillment, enlightenment and every other positiveexperience is because we have forgotten that we can.Not only can we create the lives we dream of, this is our purpose and reason for being. Our thoughts andfeelings are creative. Whatever we focus our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings on, we bring intophysical form. It is time for us to remember this Divine Truth and for us to consciously choose to create thelives we want instead of inadvertently manifesting, through our fears, the experiences we do not want.Patterns of thinking and emotional responses are usually habits you have allowed yourself to develop
  3. 3. need to just muddle through the day. Instead, you can deliberately control your thoughts, words, ac-tions, and feelings. Since it is a natural law that what you put your attention and energy into, you drawinto your life. It is only logical that you take the steps necessary to let go of destructive programmingand begin creating for yourself a fulfilling, happy, harmonious, abundant, and peaceful life.Research is proving that what we think about at night before we go to sleep is carried into the subcon-scious mind, so it is a good idea to put your attention on something constructive. So try THESE affir-mations!I AM weaving my gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, strength, courage, compassion and love intothe tapestry of the Divine Plan for the New Earth.I AM responding to my Heart’s Call.I AM Consecrating my thoughts, words, feelings and actions to be the greatest force of good Ican be on this planet and am actually transfiguring the planet.I AM making a positive difference every day. 16 Things That Really Matter Clean breath.· Sound digestion.· Good quality sleep.· A daily connection with nature—even watering your plants or taking a walk in the park count!· Being able to keep your promises.· A dream to aspire to.· A hobby or leisure activity that soothes and ignites your soul.· A real friend: someone you can really talk to, cry before and laugh with.· The comfort of a meal or movie shared with family.· The luxury of a place of your own—even if it is a cozy little nook in a tiny home.· The joy of coming back to a home that invites you to relax.· Celebrating the small victories and joys of life rather than waiting for big dollops of good news.· Being able to see the silver lining.· Being able to listen before you judge.· Waking up with something more than just routine work to look forward to.· Going to bed knowing that you made someone’s day a little happier today.Read more:
  4. 4. Welcome back to Transpersonal Psychology Association of Syracuse. We have several exciting developments to share with you. First of all, we now have our own website, You may even be reading this latest newsletter from the new website. We hope you will all try to access it and tell us what you think. Suggestions for additions and improvements are welcomed. We hope you will find it a handy place to access information about our members (including photos sometimes), ar-chived articles and newsletters, Dream Team information and background about our purpose and func-tion. It is still a work in progress. Nancy and Dale Gallagher hope to fine tune some of the historicalinformation soon. They have been quite busy this summer with numerous trips to visit Nancy’s ailingmother.….Our Facebook page still exists and will soon be more active as our season commences again. Toaccess it, type Transpersonal Psychology Association” in the SEARCH box after you have accessedthe website (It should come up before you have even finished typing all threewords. “Like” it and add your comments. If you would like to post something, let me (Sue Savion) orGeorgia (Cuningham) know, and we will get it onto the site.…...We don’t usually have formal meetings about procedural matters in TPA. However, with all thechanges taking place, this seems a necessary thing to do at this point. So...before the usual potluckat our next meeting, we will hold a brief business meeting. All will be held at my house: 107 HumbertAve, Syracuse, NY. The directions are on the first page, as the rest of the gathering will also be at myhome. Please, if you have ideas you would like to share or opinions and suggestions, come at 5:30 sothat you can give your input. Some of the topics we intend to discuss are: 1) a possible reduction indues, since we will be going almost exclusively on line after this issue. That will eliminate both thecost of a printer (I will print out a few hard copes on my computer to mail to those without internet ac-cess.) and a large savings in postage; 2) New Dream Team people, especially for the positions ofProgram Director and Host Home Seeker. Dennis Cole has been handling BOTH of those jobs formany years. However, his life is going in a direction in which he needs more time for his more lucra-tive pursuits. That brings up #3) The possibility of waiving the yearly dues fee for other pursuits. 4)Other possible rental facilities for hosting meetings. 5) Speaker fees. Please email me if there are fur-ther items you would like to add to the agenda so that I can have them all typed up before the meeting.……...Did you know that if you volunteer to host a meeting at your house, you do not need to also paythe usual fee that we ask for that night? We appreciate you opening your home for us, as it is also abig savings over having to rent a facility.…..Many of us have done some traveling during the summer months. I had a great time in Alaska fortwo weeks. There are also lots of us feeling the tensions and pressures of the times as we deal withaging parents, illnesses and other difficult situations. Debbie Pillsbury had surgery on both herhands. Please read inside for some thoughts and advice in dealing with all that is….TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY ASSN. FIRST CLASSP.O. Box 122-TPLiverpool, New York 13088