Growing business online | Fast Web Formula 3 | Day 2


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This is a summary presentation of the key lessons learned from leading internet marketers about how to grow your business online. Day 2. See additional presentations for Day 1 and Day 3.

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  • Growing business online | Fast Web Formula 3 | Day 2

    1. 1. a y2D Growing Business Online Industry Leading Experts Share Top Success Tips Produced by Suellen Hughes, Chief Kickstarter at
    2. 2. a y2D Growing Business Online Industry Leading Experts Share Top Success Tips Produced by Suellen Hughes, Chief Kickstarter at
    3. 3. Fast Web Formula 3 • Close to 200 people attended successful Internet Marketer James Schramkos annual conference Fast Web Formula 3. • Over 3 days, industry leaders shared their knowledge & tips on how to build a successful business using online technologies. • I was lucky enough to attend and am going to share the key tips I learned that I think will help you to grow your business online. • This is an interactive presentation with video and page links where you can find more information - just click on the images and links • All presentations at the conference were professionally recorded. To order your copy of the videos and hear from the experts directly visit FastWebFormula3
    4. 4. Whats Working in Google AdWords• Five main areas of online advertising: search, display, video, mobile & analytics• Use interest categories to reach people Google thinks will be most interested in your products / services. Manage your personal preferences here: preferences• Use Adwords Campaign Experiments (ACE) to split test campaigns• If you sell products on your website, use Google Merchant extension to show product images from your website• Use click to call phone extensions so mobile users can call direct from your ad Mike Rhodes is a leader in Australian Pay Per Click marketing. He has over 6• YouTube TrueView video ads coming to Australia soon. years experience of managing & Pay per view, only if watched for at least 30 secs running Google AdWords campaigns. He is the founder of• Real time Google Analytics now available
    5. 5. Copywriting - Reading Customers Minds• Problems are markets. Solve problems.• Appeal to emotions: anger, fear, greed, envy, guilt, lust, pride etc.• Look at magazine covers & headlines to identify dominant desires, problems & emotions• Forums tell you a lot about motivation and emotions because anonymity means people reveal more• Be unique. Try to use the words ‘first’, ‘only’, Alexi Neocleous from ‘most’ in copy headlines but make sure its true! is one of the leading direct response freelance copywriters in Australia.• Test small, roll out big. Fail early. He runs workshops and seminars on how every person can write world class “killer” copy.• Never make a claim without proof
    6. 6. Busting Facebook Advertising Myths• Myth 1 - I need more likes. Facebook ads allow you to target 000s of prospects.• Myth 2 - Boobs work for everyone. Happy, smiling woman works best. Use bright colours, borders, emotion & punctuation!• Myth 3 - The Trolls will take over. Real fans dont like trolls so will tell you or moderate your page for you.• Myth 4 - It doesnt work. Focus on creating a targeted landing page. We know Facebook Jennifer Sheahan founded changes a lot so test different things. which helps businesses to perfect their Facebook ad campaigns. She• Use advertising to sell and your page to build offers training, coaching and ‘done for you‘ services. engagement and community.
    7. 7. Software Development for Non-Developers• Three types of software - web, downloadable, mobile• Generate ideas based on what you can automate in your own business or the things that frustrate you.• If you can describe what it does and how it works, someone can probably build the software.• Partner with a developer, outsource locally or offshore -,,,,• Use tools such as BasecampHQ, Evernote, Dropbox, Nanacast, Zendesk to manage the development process James Dyson is an internet marketer and creator or OptimizePress.• Protect your IP with a NDA and badge from
    8. 8. Podcasting• Podcasting is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your market• Don’t get caught up in the technical details - just start and improve over time• Transcribe the podcast and offer a copy of the transcription for listeners who subscribe to your list Tim Reid and James Schramko• Automate the process and outsource shared tips about Podcasting and then made a live recording of production FreedomOcean
    9. 9. Take Action• Did you pick up any ideas from these internet marketing experts?• What action can you take to grow your business online?• What are the biggest challenges you’re facing right now? Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or not sure whose advice to trust?• If you are starting a business or looking to grow your business online, I’m here to give you the kickstart you need! Suellen Hughes, Chief• Visit my website or connect with me Kickstarter at The Kickstart Business on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn