Growing business online - day 1


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Summary presentation of key lessons from Fast Web Formula 3 internet marketing conference produced by Suellen Hughes,

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  • Growing business online - day 1

    1. 1. a y1D Growing Business Online Industry Leading Experts Share Top Success Tips Produced by Suellen Hughes, Chief Kickstarter at
    2. 2. a y1D Growing Business Online Industry Leading Experts Share Top Success Tips Produced by Suellen Hughes, Chief Kickstarter at
    3. 3. Fast Web Formula 3 • Close to 200 people attended successful Internet Marketer James Schramkos annual conference Fast Web Formula 3. • Over 3 days, industry leaders shared their knowledge & tips on how to build a successful business using online technologies. • I was lucky enough to attend and am going to share the key tips I learned that I think will help you to grow your business online. • This is an interactive presentation with video and page links where you can find more information - just click on the images and links
    4. 4. Set Up For Success• Build a customer-centric business with lifetime customers• What is your exit number $$? What will having this $$ in your bank mean for you? Keep this in mind when things get tough.• Keep it simple and easy.• Put systems in place. Create checklists for everything!• Unsubscribe to rubbish & distractions. Get to "zero inbox".• Brand & design impact perceived value so spend money on it• What revenue model will suit your lifestyle, skills and interests?• What problems do you solve for your customers? How can you provide more value than anyone else? James Schramko runs• Set up Google alerts for your name, business name, keywords Superfastbusiness, providing products so you know whats going on in your market. and services for internet marketers from beginners to gurus.
    5. 5. Be a Market Leader• Research is key. Know your market, understand your customers problems.• To get more visitors to your website to build your database you can advertise, do SEO or become a recognized authority in your market• Content + consistency = market leadership.• Huge growth in video, apps and mobile devices so work out how to make these work for your business• Find your preferred media, produce valuable content consistently• Educate, entertain and delight your customers. Stop trying to sell stuff and instead deliver what customers want.• Recommended Reading: “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff Ed Dale describes himself as “a simple country boy”. He is an entrepreneur well known in the internet marketing world. Ed• Recommended Podcast: “I Love Marketing” episode 24 created the 30 Day Challenge to teach you “how to make your first $1 online”.
    6. 6. Domain Names Are Assets• Buying and selling domain names is an online business model• Domain portfolio management tools and information about domain name availability and trends are becoming more widely available• Keep a watch on domain expiry dates - don’t get caught out! Someone may be just waiting to buy your domain name.• Earn income from your unused domain names by monetizing them - e.g. placing ads, banners, affiliate products• You can park your domain with a domain Simon Johnson co-founded one of parking company who will then generate Australia’s first ISPs and Internet Security relevant ads on the domain based on keywords. companies. He is also the author of best selling book on Internet Security “Keep Your Kids Safe”. He now runs• Check your website ISP assigned by your host and is "clean" or your traffic could be affected
    7. 7. Networking Works• Prepare your pitch / intro to encourage further questions and discussion about your business• Sell through the room , not to the room. You never know, who they know!• Run your own events for instant authority• Take offline contacts online by following up on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn• Be creative. Use group buying deals as a lead generation source, offer exceptional value to those who take up the offer, then upsell to higher value product or service• Develop your personal brand online and offline but be yourself Suraj Sodha is an ex-lawyer turned internet• Recommended reading: "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg marketer. He owns a number of online (fantastic, I read it in the car on the way home from the conference!) businesses and is a skilled networker.
    8. 8. Profiting With Portals• Build a high authority information site to generate leads, earn additional income & boost main business• Choose a topic you love & build a portal with a directory, reviews, competitions, surveys, discounts and products• Site can be broad - e.g. weight loss or narrow e.g. bird paintings Leanne King is the WP Queen. She is an internet marketer and describes herself as a• Become the “go-to” person in your chosen area of WordPress fanatic. She shares loads of tips and interest advice on her blog.• Some content can be automated, contributed by others, advertisers and community generated• Recommended WordPress Plug-in: WP LocalPlus
    9. 9. Take Action• Did you pick up any ideas from these internet marketing experts?• What action can you take to grow your business online?• What are the biggest challenges you’re facing right now? Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or not sure whose advice to trust?• If you are starting a business or looking to grow your business online, I’m here to give you the kickstart you need! Suellen Hughes, Chief• Visit my website or connect with me on Kickstarter at The Kickstart Business Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn