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Engaging primary care clinicians


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Engaging primary care clinicians in a shared quality agenda, part of the Quality MK agenda

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Engaging primary care clinicians

  1. 1. Quality:MK Our mission:Engaging primary care clinicians in a shared quality agenda: London, June 2009 Dr Nicola Smith – GP Champion Sue Lacey Bryant – Programme Manager health:mk
  2. 2. QMK-evidence based, primary care led, patient centred• Clinicians involved in every QMK project- diabetes, mild to moderate depression, weight management, dyspepsia, carpal tunnel syndrome, patient empowerment, complex patients• EVIDENCE BASED DISCUSSION GROUPS- 4 practices + 5 in provider services. 54 clinicians• Prescribing projects health:mk
  3. 3. ENGAGEMENT (1) TraditionalPromotional events: celebrating success, lessons learned, ‘PLT’ conferenceMarketing materials - mugs, pens memory sticks, PUNS & DENS bookletNewsletterWeb pages hosted on PCT sitePromotional film
  4. 4. Branding Quality:MKEvidence BasedPrimary Care LedPatient Centred
  5. 5. So What’s the Problem? Although many GPs have been touched by Quality: MK projects they are not aware of the principles GP Education leads highlight problem of communication Funding for expenses and backfill not attracting practices to engage
  6. 6. We asked ourselvesWhy would a GP want to engage with Quality: MK? How could they get involved?Could Social Marketing be the solution?
  7. 7. Our Solution- (1) MarketingRebranding...“Evidence Based Discussion Groups”IMPACTE groupsImproving Medical Practice byAssessing CurrenT EvidenceAlso: IMPACTE on line IMPACTE central
  8. 8. Our Solution (2) Innovative• Practice visits- social marketing- IHI document• Competition- Quality Improvement
  9. 9. Social marketing• Team brainstorming / education session• List of practices & GPs in each practice• Previous experience/ interaction with Quality:MK and its projects/attendance at meetings• Specific interests of individual GPs e.g. prescribing leads, GP educators, GPwSI,• Local knowledge
  10. 10. Engaging Physicians in a Shared Quality• Individual autonomy vs system quality improvements• Understanding existing culture• Physician led, evidence based and data driven• Ownership of success+ early engagement• Clinical Champions- at challenging times• Cautious Laggards• Potential candidates-body language• Generate light not heat with data• Effective use of clinician’s time
  11. 11. Engaging Physicians in a Shared Quality Agenda (2)• Use of recent harm event• Link something that distresses clinicians greatly to something they do not want to change• Morbidity and mortality reviews-systems• Variations in common practice and the effects this has on the system of care• Share results of safety + quality measures with different departments
  12. 12. Planning our visits• The benefits of QMK• Specific reasons why this particular GP or practice would want to engage.• Culture of the practice• Planning aims of meeting and what we want to achieve specific to each practice - rather than adopting a generic format• Prioritising practices depending on their characteristics e.g early adopters
  13. 13. Quality:MK micrositeRoadmap to quality improvement in Milton Keynes Explaining the Setting out the system process Tools, Best practice techniques to deliver Quality Guidance on Improvement “how to”