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Totem 2012 Portfolio

  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE - WHO WE AREPASSIONNOISSAP In order to be the best at what you do, you need passion. At TOTEM, our passion is design. TOTEM is an award-winning visual communications agency recognised as a leading specialist in design services. We’re an innovative, versatile and progressive company with a true passion for our craft, and a reputation for delivering successful creative solutions. From small projects to complex campaigns, we believe that design always matters. So no matter what it is you want to say, or who you need to tell, TOTEM has the expertise, the experience and the inspiration to ensure your message is communicated both effectively, and with style.
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE - WHO WE ARETEAMMAETEach member of the TOTEM team has specialist skills andknowledge with expertise in a very wide range of marketingcommunications disciplines. It means our collectivecapabilities as a company are much more than the sum ofour parts and enables us to provide virtually any solutionour clients ask us to deliver. From video, film, and print Our Teammanagement to graphic design, designing or the web andcreative concepts for advertising, we can take care of it.With confidence and creativity Colin Byrne Maeve Phelan Susanne McCabe Creative Director Studio Manager Sales Executive Caroline Linenihan Doireann de Faoite Aaron Cartlidge Geoff Cowan Administrator Senior Designer Senior Designer Freelance Designer
  4. 4. COMPANY PROFILE - WHO WE AREDECADEEDACED CELEBRATING 2002 - 2012 2012 TOTEM is 10 » TOTEM was established in June 2002 CELEBRATING We 2002 - » currently employ 6 people in our home – a contemporary 2 12 2012 design studio on Dungarvan’s West side! » Over the last 10 years we have grown and evolved into the A DECADE A DECADE leading design studio South East’s OF DESIGN OF DESIGN » During that time we have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with and help great clients » We’re excited about turning 10, and look forward to working with new and existing clients over the next decade
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILE - WHO WE AREBRANDDNARB TOTEM – A Brand Led Design Studio » At TOTEM we listen to our clients, and really get to understand their organisation and what audiences they want to reach » We take a holistic approach with every job, no matter how small, to insure it fits with the overall organisation vision » Good design helps you tell your story, which delivers trust, the bedrock of modern branding » Branding when done correctly, will differentiate your organisation in todays cluttered marketplace » This has never been more important than in todays economic climate
  7. 7. COMPANY PROFILE - WHO WE AREAWARDSSDRAWA Some Of The Awards We’ve Won September 2011 Logo Lounge 7. An international publication of 2,000 logos selected from 33,000 world wide entries. The brand identity for the White House will be published in Logo lounge 7, which is due to be released early in 2012. November 2009 Irish Design Effectiveness Award, from Design Business Ireland (DBI). » Gold Award for the Tannery website. January 2009 Hospitality Sales Marketing Association International Award [HSMAI]. TOTEM’s design for the Cliff House Hotel’s brochure was the winner of the category, Best Hotel Brochure – Individual Property November 2008 Irish Design Effectiveness Award, from the Graphic Design Business Association (GDBA). » Silver Award for the Waterford Festival of Food, branding and marketing materials. » Silver Award for the design and implementation of the Cliff House Hotel website. September 2008 Logo Lounge. Emo Oil’s brand identity for Emo E85 was published in Logo Lounge 5. November 2007 Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication Gold award for the design and implementation of Alan Dalton Goldsmith brand identity. November 2007 Irish Design Effectiveness Award, from the Graphic Design Business Association (GDBA). » Gold Award for “My Life Story” a life history book designed from the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. » Silver Award for the design and implementation of Crews brand identity. November 2006 Irish Design Effectiveness Award, from the GDBA. » Overall ‘Grand Prix’ Winner for » Gold Award for the design and implementation of the Brand Identity. » Silver Award for the design and implementation of the Point of Sale. November 2005 Irish Design Effectiveness Award, from the GDBA, Bronze Award for the O’Shea | O’Toole and Partners Corporate Identity. September 2003 Irish Design Effectiveness Award, from the GDBA, » Silver Award for the Student Counselling and Development [SCD] Corporate Identity, a department in UCC.
  8. 8. COMPANY PROFILE - WHO WE AREADDED VALUEEULAV DEDDA t Why Choose TOTEM rerseul ensd he We believe that good design increases market share, adding to your bottom line. Thtsart s i We do this by listening. Really listening. Which allows us to understand your business – what makes it tick and where you need to go. Then we use design to link strategy and creativity, by shaping ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for your consumers. These ideas will differentiate you. Our holistic approach and design versatility allows us to roll out these ideas, consistently, across every customer touch point – online and offline. TOTEM’s high level of customer service means we deliver our projects on-budget, on-time, every time. Finally, the service we provide is good value for money and delivers a genuine return on your investment.
  17. 17. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011 The Big Idea – A Quayside Odyssey The high seas have always offered we may never set sail. We get to the promise of adventure and explore new things, see rare and an opportunity to experience beautiful sights, tall ships at close people, places and ideas beyond quarters, meet new people and the realms of our own every day learn a little about the world. existence. Any voyage aboard a Music, crafts, food, fireworks, tall ship, now as then, gives us people, dancing, FUN, FUN, FUN the chance to set off on an epic and the ships themselves all pay voyage of self discovery and their part in making our journey adventure. through the Tall Ships Race very, very special indeed. It becomes But what happens on the our very own QUAYSIDE ODYSSEY quayside? As a very special – from Rice Bridge to Reginald’s gathering of the fleet, the Tall Tower. Ships Races still offer us a unique chance to experience something Tall Ships Races Waterford 2011 – completely different – even though Ireland’s Biggest Quayside Party!
  18. 18. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011Brand IdentityReflecting the energy, vibrancy celebrates the coming together of text to create some county pride.and diversity that the Tall Ships cultures, crews and communities. A sense of the fun, excitementRace brings with it, this brand 3 distinctive intersecting sail and energy of this unique festivalidentity creates high impact in its shapes unify to create a singular, is encapsulated within thiscolourful representation of this dynamic Tall Ship icon. identity, which was integratedvery special event in Waterford’s A strong, solid slab-serif font is into all marketing collateral,2011 calendar. Using a strong, used to compliment the fluid sail making a striking and memorablefestive colour palette to create shapes and to clearly identify the brand.a fun, family friendly feel, it location. Blue’s are used in the
  19. 19. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011 Marketing e ic 5.00 Literature Pr lY ival EOn feSt The Tall TOTEM applied the brand identity to a variety of marketing ShipS RaceS materials, from the 106 page A5 Official Programme, to the multifunctional Corporate Folder 2011 and 5 Sales Inserts which were pitched at securing different WaTeRfoRd levels of sponsorship. A variety of other items were also designed such as postcards, menus, buntings, door stickers and banners. Official SOuvenir BrOchure L L S HI PS R TA A CE E TH S es 30 june – 3 july WATERFORD CiTy, iRElAnD cin ze Pr ent ed by Szc Sail Training Waterford Institute of Technology International INSTITIÚID TEICNEOLAÍOCHTA PHORT LÁIRGE
  21. 21. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011 Outdoor Advertising A 48 sheet poster on a mobile ad-van was used in Hartlepool, U.K., the closing destination for the 2010 race, to advertise that Waterford would be the start of the Tall Ships Race for 2011. In the run up to the race national 48 and 96 sheet posters were used to promote the event. Ireland’s largest poster – 120 feet wide – hangs on Waterford’s North Quays, which was used to promote the race to the local people in the 12 months leading to the event. It is now used to commemorate the wonderful occasion that was Ireland’s Biggest Ever Quayside Party.
  23. 23. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011Press AdvertisingThe primary format for the pressads was a 3 column wide advertthat was the full height of thepublication [next page]. Thisdistinctive shape helped the adto stand out, while also subtlyreinforcing the ‘Tall’ aspect of the All shake a shiver meevent.These ads were then amended AboArd! leg! timbers! shake a FOR IRELAND’S BIGGEST IT’S IRELAND’S BIGGESTfor a variety of shapes – Irish EVER QUAYSIDE PARTY AT IRELAND’S BIGGEST EVER QUAYSIDE PARTY leg!Times front and back page Solus EVER QUAYSIDE PARTY In June 2011 a spectacular carnival In July 2011 the world’s most will light up the quayside, as the beautiful ships will set sail from If you love to party then Waterford world’s most beautiful ships set[above], and a reverse L shaped the city of Waterford to embark on an epic sailing race. Join us as will be the place to be during the summer of 2011. We’ll be celebrating sail on an epic sailing voyage from Waterford city. Four days of parades, we celebrate four days nights of the start of an epic sea voyage with pageantry and performers willadvert [above] for GO the Travel fantastic entertainment, fun, food and fireworks. Tell your friends live music and free concerts right on the quayside. Join us for four days colour the streets as we celebrate this unique festival and atmosphere and family to come home and of great entertainment, theatre on Waterford’s quayside.Supplement from the same paper. experience the magic! Get on and street parties. So shake a leg! Tell your friends and family board and support the festival! Call to the Race Office at Tell your friends and family and get on board! and get on board! Call to the Race Office at at I R e l a N D ’ s Call to the Race Office at 41 The Quay, Waterford or visit: 41 The Quay, Waterford or visit: 41 The Quay, Waterford or visit: BIggest eVeR TA L L S HI PS R A TA L L S HI PS R A TA L L S HI PS R A qUaYsIDe PaRtY CE E CE CE E E TH TH TH S S S es cin es es ze Pr cin cin ze ze ent Pr Pr ent ed by Szc ent ed by Szc ed by Szc Sail Training Sail Training Sail Training International International International The Tall ShipS RaceS The Tall ShipS RaceS The Tall ShipS RaceS P r e s e n t e d b y s z c z e c i n P r e s e n t e d b y s z c z e c i n P r e s e n t e d b y s z c z e c i n Orga nised by s a il t r a ining int ern at iOn a l Orga nised by s a il t r a ining int ern at iOn a l Orga nised by s a il t r a ining int ern at iOn a l 30 june – 3 july 2011 30 june – 3 july 2011 30 june – 3 july 2011 W aT e R F O R D c i T y W aT e R F O R D c i T y W aT e R F O R D c i T y food TA L L S HI PS R A If you love to party then Waterford is the place to be this summer. cRafT CE E T hE TA ll Ship S R AcE S TH vIllageS We’ll be celebrating the start of an epic sea voyage with fRee live S music on the quayside of Ireland’s oldest city. P r e s e n t e d b y s z c z e c i n Organised by sail tr aining internatiOnal STReeT With four days of great entertainment, street parties and exciting TheaTRe es food stalls, there’s no better excuse for a daytrip. cin ze Pr ent ed by Szc 30 june – 3 july 2011 lIve Sail Training International So shake a leg! Tell your friends and family and get on board. muSIc WATERFORD ciT y gReaT w w w.Wat e r f o r dT a l l S h ip s R a c e . i e value ShoppIng Waterford Institute of Technology INSTITIÚID TEICNEOLAÍOCHTA PHORT LÁIRGE
  24. 24. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011 Waterford Institute of Technology INSTITIÚID TEICNEOLAÍOCHTA PHORT LÁIRGE TV Advertising TOTEM conceived and directed a 30 second TV advert that was aired on the RTE channels for the month of June, in the run up to the event. We worked in partnership with Nemeton TV who did the production work on the advert. Some of the final story board is above and the actual 30 second ad is an mpeg file that accompanies this pdf.
  25. 25. CASE STUDY - THE TALL SHIPS RACES WATERFORD 2011 Testimonial The appointment of TOTEM led by Colin Byrne was pivotal to the success of The Tall Ships Races Waterford 2011 campaign. From the creation of a unique identity for the event which led to the development of the advertising creative, the artistic direction of the brochures and point of sale – TOTEM delivered it all, culminating in the appointment of Colin as Director for the production of a bespoke TV commercial, written and produced especially for a heavyweight campaign four weeks before The Tall Ships event which was very highly regarded by the people of Waterford. TOTEM brought creativity in design and copy writing, together with outstanding production capability to produce a campaign which attracted over 500,000 people to Waterford making it the most successful event in Ireland in 2011. In terms of result and value, TOTEM brought full-service, excellent quality, partnership and on-time delivery to the table. I can assuredly recommend them for future work to anyone looking for a progressive agency. Stephen Kent, Chairperson of the Marketing Committee, Tall Ships Races Waterford. Director of Marketing and On Trade Sales, Bulmers Ltd.
  27. 27. SELECTED WORK - NON PROFIT One of them will have a happy childhood, find love and get a well paid job. The other one will too. DSI Landscape [Snap Frame].indd 5 15/03/2012 09:14
  28. 28. SELECTED WORK - NON PROFIT Hello. There’s no place like home My name is James. Any chance of “ The most powerful influence on the progress of a baby with Down Syndrome is to be loved, a cuddle... wanted and absorbed into the everyday life of the family... Therapies will definitely help but must be kept in perspective “ and not allowed to create stress and anxiety for families (Sue Buckley Ben Sacks 2001) DSI Landscape [Snap Frame].indd 1 15/03/2012 09:13 DSI Landscape [Snap Frame].indd 7 15/03/2012 09:14 He’s helpful, smart, loves a laugh and She’s my sister. enjoys life to the full. And he’s my Just like his son. brother... DSI Landscape [Snap Frame].indd 8 15/03/2012 09:14 DSI Landscape [Snap Frame].indd 6 15/03/2012 09:14
  29. 29. SELECTED WORK - NON PROFIT 2 3 6 7 telling Brothers anD sisters DoWn synDrome taBle of Contents Congratulations Parents generally worry about the effect of this baby with Down syndrome on Down syndrome occurs when there is one extra copy of chromosome 21 in cells on the Birth of your BaBy! their family. Research tells us that the effect of Down syndrome on the family is far more positive than negative. As a parent you are the best person to decide in the body. Down syndrome is one of the most common congenital chromosomal abnormalities and it is named after the person who first described it. Dr. John how much information your children need. Langdon Down was a doctor in London and in 1866, he was the first person to accurately describe the syndrome which today bears his name. In 1959 Professor Congratulations 3 The birth of a baby, whether your first child or fifth, is an exciting and happy time Some parents report that children under six years take the news in their stride. Jerome Lejeune a doctor of genetics in Paris first identified the extra chromosome for the whole family and you can rest assured that this occasion is no different. Children over ten react in much the same way as parents and may need time to as being the cause of Down syndrome. As you will discover, the fact that your baby has Down syndrome is very much process their feelings. feelings and emotions 4 secondary to the fact that he or she is an individual. Your baby has the exact same needs as every other baby and like all children, he or she will be sure to let Follow your child’s lead. They will notice that you are sad and it is ok to tell them What is a syndrome? you know about these needs. This baby will also bring you all the same joy and that the baby has Down syndrome and will take longer to learn things. telling Brothers and sisters 6 A syndrome is a collection of several symptoms and signs that usually happiness. They should know the baby will always have Down syndrome and that ‘you can’t occur together. Being a parent of a new baby who has Down syndrome can be a traumatic catch it’ as it happens in Mummy’s tummy even before the baby is born. Down syndrome 7 experience for parents. Many will feel disappointed and possibly scared at the prospect of bringing up a child with an intellectual disability. They may also They should know that Down syndrome is not anyone’s fault, it just happens and What is a chromosome? wonder if they have the strength and ability to do their best for their is not an illness or a disease. Question time 9 son/daughter. Some may worry about health issues, family life and about the effect of this condition on their child, family and each other. Parents often say that it is important to talk openly about Down syndrome rather There is a lot of misunderstanding about why a child may be born with Down than setting aside a day in the future to “break the news”. When everyday a Bright future ahead 10 syndrome. It is important for you to realise that the presence of the syndrome is opportunities are taken to answer questions then worries are alleviated. not a result of anything that you did or did not do. Down syndrome is a stimulation and Bonding 12 chromosomal condition, it cannot be controlled and it is not your fault. At a sibling course one young boy of nine years suggested that knowing what is happening is much better than imagining what might be happening. “If parents All people with Down syndrome are unique individuals with talents and abilities. say nothing then the children might think they had done something to cause it.” What to ask your Doctor 14 They are more like their families than anyone else. The only thing people with Down syndrome have in common is an extra copy of chromosome 21 in the cells in his/her body. Physically, people with Down syndrome may share similar Chromosomes are minute particles within the cells of our bodies. Very simply, they characteristics but they also resemble their families. It is important for you to are the building blocks which determine our individual characteristics such as eye entitlements 18 and hair colour. Chromosomes are normally grouped together in 23 pairs know that the presence or absence of these physical characteristics is of absolutely no relevance to your child’s development. (46 in total), half of which come from the mother and half from the Down syndrome ireland 20 father. Most babies with Down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome number 21, making 47 chromosomes in total. recommended reading 22 Parent Information Booklet 4 5 22 23 feelings anD emotions Whatever the range of emotions you are going reCommenDeD reaDing through right noW, you Can Be sure that many People react in many different ways when told their baby has Down syndrome. have experienCeD them Before Many people say the moment remains very clear in their minds and they “ remember it for a long time. They remember a feeling of overwhelming sadness and some feel protective towards their child. This booklet was written and compiled by DaD... Down syndrome may gannon, Down Syndrome Ireland. Many parents describe a feeling of shock which affects them physically, emotionally and psychologically. Shock may make it difficult for you to understand everything that your doctor is telling you, so do not hesitate to ask questions when you feel ready. Don’t be shy in asking to meet with the Doctor again either before you leave the hospital or at a later stage. It may be helpful At the beginning when I looked at our baby, all I could see was Down syndrome.It was a terrific feeling the day I realised that I was no longer seeing ‘Down syndrome’. I was seeing Sinead. “ an introduction for parents Carers Cliff Cunningham Babies with Down syndrome Karen Stray-Gendersen [Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Dramatherapist] May is the Director of Down Syndrome Ireland’s National Resource Team and provides therapy and education for parents, family members who have Down to have a written list of questions to which you need answers. syndrome, siblings and extended family members. “ May is the founder and director of the nationwide Parent Link support service. Feelings of rejection are not unusual. The bond between a parent and child does May lectures and provides information for trainee mid-wives and trainee not always happen suddenly – it is a process that continues to grow and develop neo-natal nurses and is consulted by schools and universities nationwide. throughout a child’s life. As time passes most people realise that it was not the baby they were rejecting, but the condition of Down syndrome. mum... e Ireland © 2011 SyndromDo not assume that your partner experiences these feelings in the same way you We never tried to cover up the fact that our baby had A publication by Down do. We all react in an individual way and there is no right or wrong way. It may be difficult at times to support each other and sometimes a friend, family member or a parent who has had a similar experience to yours may be able to help. Down syndrome. We found that often people coped better by us being open and showing off our baby. We talked about her future in a positive way and soon they began to see her ability too. “ early Communication skills for Children Down syndrome it takes two to talk Jan Pepper aCknoWleDgements gráinne murphy, National Resource Team, Down Syndrome Ireland Dr. Joan murphy (phd), Health Specialist Most parents report that as their child grows and develops they get to know Libby Kumin Elaine Weitzman the person and forget the label of Down syndrome. There may be times when annette o’ neill, Down Syndrome Ireland “ feelings of sadness recur as you notice your baby is slower in reaching milestones than your friend’s baby or other babies in your family. However, this happens pat Clarke, Chief Executive, Down Syndrome Ireland less and less as your child develops. sister... Clare leonard, President, Down Syndrome Ireland When my little brother was born, my Mum and Dad told me that he would be slow to walk and talk. Now he can do lots of things and I bring him out to play with my friends and their brothers and sisters, “ some of the time. Building Printed thanks to the fundraising efforts of the staff at L’Oreal Ireland. a minor adjustment healthy minds “ Andy Merriman Stanley Greenspan M.D. aDult With DoWn synDrome... The worst thing about having Down syndrome is having parents who fuss about me all the time. I know I have Down syndrome but it doesn’t stop me doing anything. Sure it takes me a bit longer to learn things but people need to see past the Down “ syndrome and see the person.