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Wiltshire socialentrepreneurs

The purpose of this document is to detail how Sue Jordan, the strategic programme designer for the Social Enterprise element of the TLI partnership, envisions the delivery of the small business support services programme for Social Entrepreneurs in Wiltshire.

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Wiltshire socialentrepreneurs

  1. 1. THE WILTSHIRE ENTREPRENERUS ROADSHOW Transforming Local Infrastructure Grp SUCCESS Community First Develop 1 Wessex Community Action Charities Information Bureau 3 Programme Designer & Coach ` Sue Jordan 2 2 The Players Mentors 3 Buddies Presenters Partners 1
  2. 2. PROGRAMME VISION & MISSION PROGRAMME VISION • Practical supported Business Action Learning SetsMISSION • Business mentors support • Peer buddy support with established• To support TLI’ s mission : social entrepreneurs‘Develop sustainable, integrated &accessible infrastructure sevices to thevoluntary, community and social entreprisesector in Wiltshire’. KEY SUCCESS FEATURES • 9mths = 20 Entrepreneurs received support • 1year = 20 Entrepreneurs attended ALS • 1year = 10 Entrepreneurs report > confidence in their organisation to develop Collaboration Communication Success for All Using the best skilled person to “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, Watching someone grow and share their knowledge and and I may remember. Involve me and develop their confidence is like a suppport for SE wanting to work in I’ll understand.” boomarang it comes back to you. their field of expertise Confucius
  3. 3. ROAD TO SUCCESS Wiltshire Social Entreprenuers Success Invite to participate 1 & sign up to the IDEA ACTION programme Action Learning Sets & Interaction Engage to develop 2 and identify skills gaps Coach, mentor, buddy & share Empower to succeed 3 in their Mission
  4. 4. THE ENTREPRENEUR JOURNEY N W E S Sign-post on 5 Review Attend ALS identified at skills check session 4 ALS Modules Open event for team & SE familiarisation opportunity & Q’s 3 Introduction Day Qualify if suitable for programme – invite to One2One session motivation & skills check 2 Validation Expression of Interest; Online, email & hard copy 1 Invite
  5. 5. WHICH MILES TO CLOCK UP Module 5 Module 6 Sales & Social Media for Communications Business Module 4 Marketing Module 7 Motivation Module 3 Funding Module 8 Finance & Cash Flow Module 2 Business Case Module 9 Risk Management Incl H&S ALS Module 1 Events Module 10 Legal Structure & Employment Law HM Revenue & People Management
  6. 6. ENGAGE ALL MEDIA MARKETING VIEW ` Social Medias Networking FaceBook Business events 1 Twitter Blogs 2 Partner contact networks Mail Chimp Flickr & YouTube Traditional Medias Branded Materials Brand logo 3 Newspapers Radio 4 Letter heads Folder for SE Posters attending ALS
  7. 7. THE ROADSHOW R & R ROLES & RESPOSBILITES PROGRAMMER DESIGNER TLI GROUP Co-Presenters, Mentors & Buddies Programme One2One peer support: Overall direction & direction & support 1 to: 2 vision 3 Event attendance Skype/telephone calls TLI, co-presenters, Emails mentors & buddies
  8. 8. SEE HOW WE DID Measurement Expression of Interest One2One motivation & skills check ALS attendance End of programme participant return SUCESS Intangible Feel Good Factor Funder Adhoc conversations Collation of Measurement Observation of changes in attitudes Written success content Programme Collation of Feedback Collation of Success stories Captured moments: • Images • Audio • Video What did we see How did we feel What did we hear Overall view of how Things we need to Tell vested parties 1 well the programme 2 review and develop 3 how it went & thank worked or change for support
  9. 9. Interested in our Programme Please contact PROGRAMMER DESIGNER TLI PROGRAMMER MANAGER Sue Jordan Glenys Armstrong 01380 710106 01380 732805 garmstrong@commnunity