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The End Is Just A New Beginning


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The End Is Just A New Beginning - Director MarieAnna Dvorak

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The End Is Just A New Beginning

  1. 1. THE END IS JUST A NEW BEGINNING Director MarieAnna Dvorak
  2. 2. To learn about what man has done and thus what man is, is one tough lesson. Have you ever wondered whether our future generations will be free of war? It has been calculatedthatsince 3,600 BC there have been over 14,500 majorwars (260 withing the last century). Is killingeach other part of human species? Einsteinanswered this question six years before WWII in his letterto Sigmund Freud: "As long as war productionis not prohibited,we may be sure that war will follow upon war. Unless our civilizationachievesthe moral strength to overcomethis evil, it is bound to share the fate of former civilization:declineand decay.“ No,civilization hasn'tchangedand thus history keeps repeatingitself, or at least rhymes. The pursuit for dominanceis the primary propellantof history, alwayshas been, alwayswill be. Just like the contradictionsin ideologies.So let's take the lesson of the past seriously and be more cautiousabout with whom we share our homes. Cautiousnessmeans responsibilityand it seldom causes error. Those who like to create hysteria and don't see the future, look closely into the facts of history. Right now, a New Cold War is rising since the beginningof Ukraineconflict and the situationis arguably more dangerousthan the originalCold War.
  3. 3. It was an instinct that drew my mind back to the time of postwar wounds behind the Iron Curtain.For nearly half a century I was in denial about this unfortunate historicalfact, andtruly, never ever mentionedit. But this time I couldn't resist. As I began to write the first chapter with Russian invasionof Prague, the Russian militaryinterventionin Ukraineoccurred. It was just the beginning of closely similar occurrences to my story. By the time I finished, a few other significanteventshad arisen, as if they were allured by my memories. They are the topics of today's politicalcrisis. Onlyrecently, for the first time in my life, I turned my attentiontoa bestselling novel that was based on my life andpublishedduring the existence of the Iron Curtain. The discoverywas quite shocking. Not only is the book still alive afterthirty-two years, but also the readers are seeking explanation tothe disturbing line between reality and fiction.Some have also difficulty to bond with the charactersand ask questionswhether they actuallylived. I realizedthat the sudden idea to open my heart to the public hada serious reason. Who else can give the readers peace of mind than the one who really lived the life? And to the other people a piece of true life from the essential part of ourhistory taking place in the most eccentric cities, New York, Atlanta, and Prague.
  4. 4. As a film director, I am doing it in the form of epic film with a large scale, sweeping scope, and spectacle. In order to pleasethe audiences, the productionneeds funding. Informationon the project is of a privatenature. Thus, if you are interested in financialparticipation,please contact us via LinkedIn.