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Rise of dawn, An Exciting New Film Project from Dvorak Productions


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Rise of dawn, An Exciting New Film Project from Dvorak Productions

  1. 1. An Exciting New Film Project from Dvorak Productions
  2. 2. On behalf of filmmaker MarieAnna Dvorak I’m contacting select connections about her new project, Rise of Dawn. We live in a world of polar opposites, where politics, regimes and entrenched social beliefs can either bring people together or tear them apart. Rise of Dawn is a timeless and true political love story. It dramatically charts the lives of a stage actress and a hockey player who herald from two contrasting regimes. During the backdrop of the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968, the first half of the story takes place in New York and Atlanta where everything seemingly comes easy to the lives of our two young lovers. As the second half of the film unfolds, their happiness is suddenly and violently put on hold. Within Prague, during the 1970's, the Soviet Union exerts a harsh and brutal totalitarian regime. The two must face contrasting regimes, the false accusation of espionage for the USA, persecution, fear from political imprisonment and the state of desperation that will threaten to permanently drive them apart. This is a tale of love and hate, fear and heroism, desperation and optimism, and a host of other conflicting emotions and events. To underscore the themes throughout the film, hit songs from that era lay the foundation for a remarkable love story that transcends politics and barriers. Given the world political spectrum today, the theme of this movie couldn’t be more current or relevant. Rise of Dawn is a political love story that will last forever just as the film classics “Casablanca,” “Dr. Zhivago” and “The Way We Were” do now. As an example, the adjusted gross income for Dr. Zhivago is over $1 billion since its release in 1965. This project has producers, directors and writers already attached whom are highly credited and have won numerous film industry awards, including an Oscar. .
  3. 3. We are seeking a savvy investor to take advantage of this rare opportunity to bring this timeless and epic love story to the big screen. This is a story that will ignite the screen and hearts everywhere. This is your chance to be a part of a love story and a legacy that never dies. To learn more about the talent already attached to this project as well as production details, please visit: Or I would be happy to send you the presentation via email. For more information about the Director/Writer MarieAnna Dvorak, please visit: If you are interested in this project as a potential investor please contact Sue Greutmann-Phillips at for more details Director /Writer MarieAnna Dvorak