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Do you want to develop your management and / or organization? Do you want to develop your business or increase your sales? If so MK&A can help with a wide variety of services. As a lecturer, trainer and business consultant Morris Kaner (M.A.) has developed more than 35,000 productive marketing, telemarketing and sales professionals, managers, systems and organizations and brought about an increase in sales and profits across a number of continents and countries including the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, China and Cambodia.

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Morris Kaner, MK and Associates

  1. 1. Our clients, spread all over the world, are provided with hands-on solutions - including lectures, training, consulting and diagnostics - in order to develop and increase their business. Morris Kaner (M.A.) is a consultant with over 30 years experience in helping clients increase their sales and profits. Whether your need is training or a comprehensive solution for your business, Morris will provide a plan that is customized to your specific needs. As a trainer, lecturer and business consultant Morris Kaner has developed more than 35,000 productive marketing, service and sales professionals, managers, systems and companies in the US, Europe, the Middle East, China and Cambodia. Because he knows how to suit his knowledge and experience to his clients, Morris has achieved impressive results in a great variety of businesses and for companies in a wide array of sectors. For the insurance industry, for example, Morris has generated millions of dollars of profit. MK&A has provided services to a wide variety of sectors including Hi-Tech, Health, Financial, Energy, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Travel, Pharmaceutical, Communication, Telemarketing, Government and Insurance.
  2. 2. Successful Selling Creating Rapport with New Clients Listening: A Potent Selling Tool Making Impactful Presentations Preparing a Marketing-Oriented Presentation Preparing an Investor-Oriented Presentation Preparing a Business Plan Preparing a Marketing Plan Negotiating Successfully Negotiating Asymmetrically Handling Objections Effectively Closing the Sale in a Way That Works Consultative Selling: A Unique Approach to Sales Setting Sales Appointments Managing a Sales Team Telesales: Selling on the Phone Managing Telemarketing Professionally Raising Funds Successfully Providing Efficient Service Providing Efficient Telephone Service Handling Complaints Successfully Effective Service Management Time and Territory Management Becoming a Self-Starter in Sales Coping With Stress Effectively Business Communication Increasing Business Awareness Upgrading Your Business Image Handling Difficult Customers Presale by Technical Professionals Persuasive Collection Business Communication Business English
  3. 3. Selection Interviewing Getting Results Through Others Managing People By Objectives Motivating and Creating Drive Successful Coaching Getting the Most Out of a New Employee Strengthening People’s Performance Handling Problematic Performance Team Building and Management Managing a Multi-National Team Resolving Interdepartmental Conflicts Quality for Quality Professionals Managing Change Gaining Influence Over Others Promoting New Ideas in the Organization Negotiating Successfully Negotiating Asymmetrically Holding Successful Meetings Efficient Time Management Making a Successful Presentation Training for Success Promoting Training in the Organization Human Relations That Work Interpersonal Communication Assertiveness Training Coping With Stress Self-Motivation in Management Listening: A Potent Management Tool Quality for Quality People
  4. 4. To Set Up An Appointment To Speak With Morris Contact Sue: Morris Kaner Video - YouTube Mr. Morris Kaner - YouTube