Creating a digital fundraising solution


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  • Reduce copy on slide and narrate to give a balanced picture – good but static.MAF had over 10,000 email addresses never used for DPA reason...?
  • Reduce copy on slide and narrate to give a balanced picture – good but static.MAF had over 10,000 email addresses never used for DPA reason...?
  • Balance between making the case – as you would a fundraising case – and blind panic!Build on the strengths, the positives.
  • It doesn’t matter it it is not perfect – does it fit. Does it give a rationale rather than opinion.Then back up with examples. Test areas for change or growth – can they cope?Test attitudes, skill range and capacity – can they adapt.
  • Creating a digital fundraising solution

    1. 1. Creating a Digital Fundraising Solution. Sue Fidler, Digital Consultant, Sue Fidler AssociatesPaul Martin, Head of Fundraising and Communications, MAF UK
    2. 2. MAF UK• Mission to reach isolated communities through aircraft and technology to transform lives physically and spiritually.
    3. 3. MAF UK
    4. 4. MAF UK 2008• MAF ‘medium’ not large at £8.x M• Has been ‘traditional’ DM based• Traditional successful but signs of challenges.• No clear strategy. No real external view.• Organisation set up purely for print• Same communications for nearly all.• Old website, no email, no social media.
    5. 5. MAF UK 2008Why change – everything is fine?
    6. 6. The 3 Most important messages:- Why, Why & Why?• Fundraising does not exist in isolation.• Make the case, discuss it and reinforce it.• Need data and external context
    7. 7. The 3 Most important messages:- Why, Why & Why?• More competition – all chasing same donors.• Traditional...wonderful donors dying off.• New donors... all generations are now different.• Existing donors need time to change!
    8. 8. We need to be lighter on our feet and pack more punch!
    9. 9. Fundraising Strategy Conclusions• For MAF a Strategy alone was not enough• Digital Fundraising a key method for growth.• Needed; – new teams – aligned to the priorities. E.g. New supporters and donors – new skills – design, copy, technical – new approach – matrix working project teams
    10. 10. We called this the Transition Project. This changes everything...
    11. 11. A Step Change – Balanced Growth.• How do you step change and keep it all going? – Don’t start unless you can take the pain. – You need to win the board, time and resources. – You need a great team – to keep on going. – You need perseverance – change takes time. – You need plan to adapt – it will need to change!
    12. 12. How can we change?– Develop your team – understand their skills– Create project team leaders – identify & train– Multi-skilled – cross team – start to finish.– Everyone owns the problem, solution & praise!– Phase it or it will fail. Have a clear plan.– Make change the day job – not an extra.– Communicate frequently across methods.
    13. 13. Traditionally its a standoffDigital vs Direct Mail – Who will win?
    14. 14. The Third Way - Integration– How do you add to a packed programme?– Create new streamlined processes– Don’t integrate for the sake of it.– Bring all channels together – one hub.– Have one plan not several parts.– Encourage – push – people together.– Create roles with integration built in.
    15. 15. Brand DNA & Digital– Brand is the essence, the values in everything.– It reflects trust, value and cause = fundraising– Different digital style – same brand?– Does the logo fit? Mobile = punchy, button like?– Does the brand feel different online?– Is there more room to express the brand?– How do we look and feel the same charity?
    16. 16. A Consultants View Starting from scratch.The Effect of a Digital Change.
    17. 17. Fundraising is all about engagement.So how do we engage people online?
    18. 18. Step 1 - Website While the website is only a small part of “digital” it is CORE to your online presence
    19. 19. 2008
    20. 20. Now
    21. 21. Starting process for new site and CMS – Developing a Digital Strategy to define organisational objectives – Reviewing brand and brand guidelines – Stakeholder meetings to discuss functionality, design, navigation, architecture and feel – Statement of Requirements – Invitation to tender – New site and CMS build
    22. 22. Step 2 –What engagement do we already have?
    23. 23. Prayer DiaryPDF version
    24. 24. BLOG version
    25. 25. Web version
    26. 26. TWITTERversion
    27. 27. Overseas Staff Stories
    28. 28. BLOG version
    29. 29. Web version
    30. 30. FACEBOOKversion
    31. 31. Enews version
    32. 32. Other changes: – Developed email marketing using CharityeMail • More regular, structured, audience specific editions – Developed YouTube channel and Flickr • More videos being made and published – Extended use of Facebook and Twitter • More staff input, more/mixed messages – More information and advertising of regional fundraising events
    33. 33. Other changes: – Developed Search Engine optimisation – Facebook Advertising – Planned messaging • Digital plans to ensure homepage, facebook, twitter, YouTube and email all have the same threads – Integration • Forward planning on and offline messaging
    34. 34. Results
    35. 35. Results – web visitors 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 2009 2010 2011
    36. 36. Results - facebook fans
    37. 37. Results – Facebook interaction
    38. 38. Results – Twitter followers
    39. 39. Results - Youtube views
    40. 40. Results - Donations EAST AFRICA APPEAL 2009 2010 2011 HAITI APPEAL SUMATRA APPEALJan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    41. 41. So what has changed? – Team development SupporterFundraising Publications Comms Relations & RE
    42. 42. RE Web Dev Integration Regional/ Ire/Scot Integrated Campaigns S/C and Online MAF UKStrategic PrioritiesPrayer, Acquisition CMS CORE MATRIX TEAM Youth And Fundraising, Project Children PR, Recruitment Social Networks Digital Strategy And email Site Dev
    43. 43. So what has changed?– Team development– Staff development • Training • Encouragement • New posts – web manager, online copywriter– Integration – showing how on and offline supplement each other
    44. 44. So what has changed?– Success • Gained in skills • Gained in awareness • Gained in understanding • Gained in confidence
    45. 45. Small Steps - Small Changes
    46. 46. Sue Fidler Sue Fidler Associates