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Community Links for Graduating Swinburne University Students


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Presentation to graduating Swinburne University Students on 4 October 2012 providing information on the Seven Best Settlement Strategies, Three Main Networks to have in life (Personal, Professional, Social), Networking, Mentoring, Budgeting, using technology, repatriates, relationships, career management and general tips.

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Community Links for Graduating Swinburne University Students

  1. 1. Community Links for Graduating 4 October 2012
  2. 2. Today• Seven Best Settlement Strategies• Three Main Networks• Networking• Mentoring• Budgeting• Questions and Answers My motto – friendly and professional – give YOU value Only one person to talk at a time
  3. 3. Seven BestSettlement Strategies • Find a friend • Source local information (council) • Start of continue a hobby or interest • Ask questions • Expect it to be challenging • Develop new routines and rituals • You – your personality and health
  4. 4. Three Networks• Social (friends and family)• Professional (work and industry)• Personal (sport or hobby) (local council) Use technology to maintain these connections (online with LinkedIn and your own database/address book)
  5. 5. Networking• Smile (universal language)• Fun, Food and Free (regular events)• Recreate and maintain networks (inc repatriates)• Women need Women Friends, Men need Men• Talk to people (inc older people or borrow a dog)• Keep up to date with popular technology – Email, Blog/Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers
  6. 6. Networking Strategies• Arrive first, leave last, target people on their own – ask how you heard about this event (not what do you do)• Seven exchanges before a relationship, test before trust• Add to your database if appropriate (and LinkedIn)• Maintain contact every 90 days to keep alive• Share items of value to them (not to you)• Refer on whenever possible• Follow up, follow up, follow up
  7. 7. Networking Strategies
  8. 8. Mentoring• Top three methods for finding work when you are clear about the goal and work culture – Networking, Referral, Volunteering• Require excellent English – written, spoken, comprehension and presentation skills• Research organisations and industry through professional associations and make direct contact• Find up to three mentors – industry, business, personal• Request initial meeting, emails 2-3 per week, phone call once per week for three months, coffee meeting every six weeks• Join your professional association• Career Management
  9. 9. Budgeting• Important decisions – seek advice of at least three people (professional advice can be worthwhile – research first, ring three people, evaluate options, choose provider)• Avoid spending money unless ABSOLUTELY necessary – keep a cash reserve, save first, spend the rest. Put the savings in an account you cannot access via an ATM or EFTPOS• Shop after eating and buy non perishable items for when you don’t feel like cooking and buy fresh fruit and vegetables when markets are closing• Check for all the little amounts you are paying, gym memberships not cancelled, bank account fees, select your telephone/utilities carefully• More excellent tips at
  10. 10. Sue Ellson BBus, AIMM, MAHRI, CAR (REIV) 0402 243 271 sueellson@sueellson.comQuestions and Answers Also YouTube, Google Places, Directories, Events Listings, Member/Other Websites etc Professional Advice $199 for three hours