Carpenter & Company Portfolio


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Carpenter & Company Marketing and Advertising Portfolio

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Carpenter & Company Portfolio

  1. 1. MARKETING • RETAIL, REAL ESTATE, CONSUMER GOODS 565 SOUTH ATLANTA STREET ROSWELL , GA 30075 w w w . C A R P E N T E R C O . n e t O: 770.579.6248 C: 404.771.5406 E:
  2. 2. S E R V I C E S S T R A T E G Y P R I N T D I G I TA L & S O C I A L MEDIA Market Research Leasing Brochures Website Design Leasing & Consumer Marketing Print Ads & Collateral Search Marketing & Brand Development Direct Mail Campaigns Optimization Multi-Media Plans Corporate Image Brochures Television/Radio Commercials Lead Generation Product Packaging Video Production Public Relations Campaigns Billboards Content for Facebook, TWITTER, Event Development Signage LinkedIn, YouTube Measurement Plans Trade Show Booths Interactive Promotions Vehicle Branding B R A N D I N G M O B I L E Logo Design M E D I A R E L AT I O N S Corporate Identity Mobile Marketing Media List Development Brand Standards Text-To-Win Promotions Media Distribution Multi-Media Brand Management Development & Management Media Placement Press Kit Packaging
  3. 3. Logo Design–Brand Identity Logos Various Clients
  4. 4. Logos Various Clients
  5. 5. Stationery Packages Various Clients
  6. 6. Brand Launch Luckie Marietta District Brand ID-Logo Design and Tagline/LuckieMarietta District Legacy Group
  7. 7. B2b Leasing Brochure/Luckie Marietta District Legacy Group
  8. 8. B2b Direct Mail Campaign Luckie Marietta District Legacy Group
  9. 9. Street Banners/Website Design/Luckie Marietta District Legacy Group
  10. 10. Brand Launch MetroPointe Lofts A N E W G E N E R AT I O N O F S T U D E N T L O F T L I V I N G Brand ID-Logo Design and Tagline MetroPointe Lofts
  11. 11. Leasing Brochure MetroPointe Lofts
  12. 12. Promotional Ads and Related Materials MetroPointe Lofts
  13. 13. MARTA Duratran Posters MetroPointe Lofts
  14. 14. Trade Show Table MetroPointe Lofts
  15. 15. T -Shirt Promotion MetroPointe Lofts
  16. 16. Newspaper Campaign MetroPointe Lofts
  17. 17. Re-Brand Launch AC QU I R E DEVELOP PERFECT Leasing Flyers, Website New South Real Estate
  18. 18. Corporate Image Brochures and Collateral Material Invitation, Program, Promotional Pieces Visiting Nurse l Hospice Atlanta
  19. 19. Leasing Flyers Morris & Fellows
  20. 20. Leasing Direct Mail Campaign Morris & Fellows
  21. 21. Corporate Image Brochure/Sales Collateral The Macallan Group
  22. 22. Brochure Hidden Lake Academy
  23. 23. Brochure and Sales Vessel Leland Homes
  24. 24. Brochures and Sales Collateral AskJon Builders/Roswell Founders Club
  25. 25. Print Ads Print Ad Leland Homes
  26. 26. Print Ad Cottage Craft Homes
  27. 27. Print Ad/Woodstock Downtown Morris and Fellow
  28. 28. Print Ads Leland Homes/Cottages at BridgeMill
  29. 29. Print Ads Viscaya Property Group
  30. 30. Print Ads and Product Sheets Bodilson/SEARS Canada
  31. 31. Packaging and Point-of-Purchase Point-of-Purchase Poster Bodilsen
  32. 32. Packaging/In-Store Displays Bodilsen/LOWES
  33. 33. Packaging Bodilsen/LOWES
  34. 34. Signage Cottage Craft Homes