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Handheld Learning


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Published in: Education
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Handheld Learning

  1. 1. Handheld Learning-using the iTouch as an Educational Tool Wakita Bradford, RN, MSN Skills Lab Coordinator, Clarkston campus, Georgia Perimeter College 678-891-3650 Susan Buchholz, RN, MSN Associate Professor, Clarkston campus, Georgia Perimeter College 404-513-3561 Abstract • Can students always have resources available? • Can students study "on the go?" • What tools are available to facilitate learning away from the classroom and computers? Significance? • all students have access to a computer • many have handheld devices • many students are visual learners • the use of handheld devices in education is increasing as more and more resources and software become available • the use of iPods will support students' learning by giving them a means of reviewing needed nursing knowledge over and over again to become more proficient Implementation • we purchased 10 iPod touch devices for 10 nursing students in the 1st semester of the two year Associate Degree nursing program • we tracked the students to see if learning was enhanced, if the resources were utilized and if exam scores improved Resources Nursing central software: • Davis Drug Guide • Davis Lab and Diagnostic tests • Diseases and Disorders • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis • Medline Journals • Taber's Dictionary 1
  2. 2. College Resources: • podcasts of classroom lectures • notes from lectures • skills lab video Results • tracked students through IRB at the college • informal interview with group • discussion and email via icollege Student Comments “Why were the applications helpful?” • “They were helpful as quick reference for information on diseases, drug administration, and I had fun using the iTouch at my clinical this week.” • “Tabers and Lab and Diagnosis, when trying to understand patient mead and health situation, it was necessary to be educated about the lab tests and the meaning of terminology.” • “I was able to look up medications during clinicals.” • “I wanted to know more about the medication my patient was on and instead of taking the drug book to clinical with me, I had all the information on iPod Touch. This is great.” • “This dictionary is a very good tool while studying and running in to words that I can’t understand or diseases that I don’t know.” “What New Features did you Use?” • “Youtube video, a good reference to assessment video (head to toe, vital signs), maps for directions, weather forecast before I set out my house.” • “Downloading the podcasts of the lectures. I have been using them while I study the powerpoint slides.” • “That you can make a piece of text larger by turning on side and clicking the text. Eased for me to read with my old eyes.” “What did you find frustrating or Difficult to use about the iTouch?” • “Not being able to download lecture powerpoints, and other podcasts on recent lectures from exam 3 till date…” • “I am having problems downloading podcasts as well as powerpoints.” • “I had a hard time downloading podcast to the iPod, I had misunderstood some directions.” • “Trying to download podcasts.” • “…downloading podcasts.” • “For a long time, I lost the use of the podcasts and had to go through a trouble shooting demo on the iTouch website to find out how to remedy the problem. Also I was not familiar with Wi-Fi and finally discovered that I had Wi-Fi through my home service. I still have not figured out how to get access to the Nursing Central website.” 2
  3. 3. “What Features of the iTouch did you use in class?” • “Only the podcast I was able to download onto the iTouch, i.e., Pharmacology (one episode”, Legal-Ethical (one episode)”. • “I think it will be helpful in that I can hear the lectures as many times as I need while walking, running errands, etc.” • “Reviewing for an exam…more for clinicals” • “The podcast for me are very helpful.” • “The iPod is like a mini computer; if something is said in class that I need clarification on, I look up the info on it.” • “I am hoping it will allow me to move through the material quicker because I can listen to the lecture as opposed to trying to sift through the book and identify the key concepts.” • “Podcast. I missed a lecture and I listen to it while driving and walking my dog.” “What was good about this device/software?” • “Nursing notes were amazing (from nursing central). We used it a lot during clinicals. Everybody borrowed it, even the nurses on the floor (nursing staff).” • “Davis Drug Guide at my fingertip especially when Ms. Buchholz caught me on the spot.” • “Podcast of lectures was very helpful listening while driving because this in normally downtime.” • “The math review podcast was good.” “What should we add?” • The powerpoints • Class notes • Med math application based on Ms. Buchholz’s book • Podcast of math applications • Calculator to find A1C number or a guide how to use the calculator on the iPod Touch • To have someone to provide tech support especially the first two weeks of using the technology. • More skills lab videos “Did this device help you with the Skills Lab?” “The one for this semester (Subcutaneous Injection: Heparin) was very helpful.” “What did not work or help you?” “Not having that software for the file is the only thing that did not help.” “How did this project help the ESL students?” “Yes, listening…” “What new applications did you find for this device?” • “Having internet access if you are at the library or wanted to do quick research. Many of the hospitals have internet access so internet could be used to look up.” • “Medline did not really use much, but was able to find some research.” “Should we continue this project? Why or why not?” • “Yes, I cannot see anyone that would not find this helpful.” 3
  4. 4. “Are you planning to buy an iPod Touch?” • Yes from the whole group • “Could we buy the iPod Touch and software (Nursing Central).” • “I told my husband that I need one for nursing school!” • “I asked for one for Christmas!” Future projects • currently using the iTouch with the last semester nursing students (Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing course) • physical assessment podcasts • dosage calculations podcasts, problems • more skills lab videos • other ideas?? Acknowledgments: Duke University Technology Integration Project Dr. Diane White, Dean, Department of Nursing, GPC Ken Moss, Instructional Technologist, GPC 4