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A collection of tips to make the most of Twitter

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  • Twitter Top Tips

    1. 1. Twitter Top Tips Sue Beckingham @suebecks
    2. 2. Your Username  Choose something that is easy for others to remember  Dont make it to long as this will eat into the 140 characters if others retweet your posts @suebecks
    3. 3. Your Avatar  Don’t be an egghead (default avatar) @suebecks
    4. 4. Your Bio  This your opportunity to create a first impression, make it a good one.  Include a link to your blog or website @suebecks
    5. 5. Tweet regularly By all means observe and learn, but then join in and contribute:  Post useful links  Add comments to other peoples posts  Ask questions @suebecks
    6. 6. Respond  Dont just focus on your own tweets, read and respond to others questions and comments  Twitter is social so check your DMs and mentions from others  Thank others for retweeting one of your posts @suebecks
    7. 7. Retweet Retweet useful posts to share with your followers and show your appreciation to the people you follow and acknowledge you have found it useful @suebecks
    8. 8. Consider the length  Dont use all of the 140 characters so that others can retweet your full post (which will include your username) and add a comment @suebecks
    9. 9. Consider the content  It’s not all about you, this is an opportunity to network  Share tweets and information that shows you are an expert in your chosen field and will be of value to your followers @suebecks
    10. 10. Consider the tone  Be professional  Dont use Twitter as a forum to vent and resist negative or sarcastic remarks  Have empathy and sensitivity @suebecks
    11. 11. Keep personal, personal  Use a DM (direct message) for personal messages meant for just one person @suebecks
    12. 12. Getting organised  Create lists  Utilise the favourites feature  Download a Twitter app to your smart phone @suebecks
    13. 13. Getting organised  View your Twitter lists using a dashboard e.g. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck  Maximise free analytics using URL shorteners e.g., and @suebecks
    14. 14. The Fail Whale… Go make a cuppa and F5 to refresh! @suebecks
    15. 15. Sue BeckinghamSheffield Hallam University @ @suebecks