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Professional Social Presence


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Professional Social Presence

  1. 1. Advocates<br />well developed profile, active user, connected, sharing, collaborating.<br />Professional Social PresenceUsing Social Media<br />Dabblers<br />profile partially set up, often then forgotten, sporadic visits, low contribution.<br />The power of online connections<br /><ul><li> recruitment/job seeking
  2. 2. develop a personal brand
  3. 3. opportunity to learn and share
  4. 4. global connections
  5. 5. six degrees of separation
  6. 6. maintain connections
  7. 7. ongoing 24/7 networking
  8. 8. ability to be known and found</li></ul>Sue Beckingham<br />Educational Developer<br />However…. an unprofessional <br />profile can be more damaging than not having one at all. <br />Unengaged<br />unaware of potential, not part of the conversation.<br />!<br />Questions<br />to consider<br />Who<br />?<br />Why<br />?<br />Who will look at your online profile?<br />What do people want to know about you?<br />Where will they use this information?<br />Why is your profile important?<br />When and how often do you <br />update it? <br />How will you use your profile to your advantage?<br />will find you!<br />What<br />?<br />When?<br />Where?<br />How<br />?<br /><br />