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15 tips on using social media to develop course communities


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A thunderstorm presentation = 5 slides in 5 minutes looking at five key social media tools to develop course communities in higher education.

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15 tips on using social media to develop course communities

  1. 1. 15 Tips on Using Social Media to Develop Course CommunitiesSue Beckingham | @suebecksSheffield Hallam University #shult13
  2. 2. YouTube Create shortabout me videos Collaborative studentprojects to create howto guides Record GoogleHangouts e.g. discussingthe assessment brief
  3. 3. Blogger (or WordPress) Getting to know eachother: About Me posts orbehind-the-scenesjourneys through universitylife Add student presentationsto Slideshare and embedin the blog Debate a weeklytopic using comments
  4. 4. LinkedIn Set up a Coursegroup and connectwith alumni Set of sub groups forspecialisms Use the poll tool(within groups)e.g. vote on revisiontopicsFACT:There are over 30million studentsand recent collegegraduates onLinkedIn.
  5. 5. Twitter Create a coursemember list Share useful linksand aggregateusing a #hashtag Create a newspaper
  6. 6. Facebook Group Whats on page Student photo of theweek Post info oninternships, jobs ANDlink back to Careers
  7. 7. A Thunderstorm Presentation:!5 Tips on 5 slides in 5 minutesLearning and Teaching ConferenceSheffield Hallam UniversitySue Beckingham@suebecks@suebecks