Moocing around in 2013


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Reflections on completing Coursera's
E-Learning and Digital Cultures Mooc (#edcmooc)

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Moocing around in 2013

  1. 1. Reflections on completing CourserasE-Learning and Digital Cultures Mooc (#edcmooc)*
  2. 2. *Decisions blogging tool?• BloggerStructure of blog?• Reflective journal on home page• Videos and resources on other pagesMobileblogginghelpedBut I neededto stoplearning howset up blogand do somework!!!!Typicalstudent!Bit the bulletand set up ablog thatothers couldview!
  3. 3. *"My learning from the firstweek has not really hadanything to do with thecourse content. It has hadmore to do with personalskills in using social mediaand a beginningunderstanding of how aMooc works.""My primary reasonfor coming on thecourse was to findout what it is like toparticipate in one.Course content was asecondary reason butI do hope to learnsomething aboutthis."
  4. 4. *Where didweek 2 goto?"I am currentlytrying to multi taskand watch SteveFullers 2009 lectureon DefiningHumanity whilstwriting this blogpost."Defining Humanity• Humanity not necessarily good forall humans• Humanity costs too much and itdelivers too little• Not even human beings want to bewith other humans any more• Nothing wrong with trying to movein a trans humanist direction• Info rich and info poorSaturdayevening - and Iactuallyparticipated!
  5. 5. *"For the last fewdays, I have beenfocusing on theassignment whichhas to besubmitted bymidnighttomorrow.""This has been agreat impetusto try out / getbetteracquainted withsome onlinetools."GoAnimatePic Collage
  6. 6. *"Now I had the three componentsof my artefact. I only needed toput them altogether, host thefinal artefact somewhere and thenpost my link to submit myassignment. Doesnt sound muchdoes it? Thats what I thoughtthen!"
  7. 7. *"Modifying my video to providean introduction to the artefactwas easy but getting ittogether with my two imagesto make a cohesive artefactproved to be a little moreproblematic!""I needed tofind a bettersolution bytonight! It waslate sodecided tosleep on it".I am human!I can beyou!
  8. 8. *"Im really glad Idecided to devotemost of themorning tosorting out myartefact. It tookquite a bit longerthan I had hoped.""Submitting myassignment linkwas a breezeaftereverythingelse!""Finding a site with creativecommons licences musicwasnt difficult but findingappropriate music is timeconsuming and frustratingwhen you know you havevery little time beforeheading off for a meeting" ""In no time at all I hadmy first video out thereavailable to publicviewing. Mind you itwasnt the public I wasworried about but mypeers on the Edcmooccourse who might justfind it."
  9. 9. *"I realised then that I couldhave just submitted myPowerPoint as my artefact! Ihope though that what Ieventually produced isactually better than this. Ithink so, and to be honestwhat matters most to meisnt the final product butmy journey to get there.""Im not sureexactly how muchI have learntabout the contentof the course but Isure have learnt agreat deal bybeing involved inthis MOOC."
  10. 10. *"Found time before leaving workto start assessing the threeartefacts I have been assigned.Have written comments for twoso far. They are quite different.One is a thinglink and one aPrezi. Both are good and I haveenjoyed assessing them andthink this is continuing mylearning on this course."I passed!