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The origins of the trojan war


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The origins of the trojan war

  1. 1. The Origins of the Trojan WarTasks to background the war 1. According to legend, how was Troy founded? Make sure you include a discussion on the Palladium 2. Discuss the origins of Images of the Judgement of Paris. Above is a Troy’s walls. Greek Vase and below a sixteenth century painting 3. What mythical reasons are given for the Trojan War? 4. Draw a family tree of the family of King Priam and his wife Hecabe 5. Discuss the background of Paris using the following skeleton for taking notes:  Father and Mother  The Prophecy  Found  Personality traits / InterestsThe Judgement of Paris – answer the questions 1. Why did Zeus not seduce Thetis? What was his solution? 2. What did Eris, goddess of Discord do at the wedding? 3. What did each competitor of the beauty contest offer Paris? 4. What was the outcome of this contest?Homework - Read the rest of the chapter 1. How was Paris reunited with his family? 2. Briefly describe how Paris abducted Helen.