Ashwamedha Participation Brochure


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Ashwamedha is the flagship event of Ahvan, the B-School fest of IIM Indore.

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Ashwamedha Participation Brochure

  1. 1. Ashwamedha ’09 November, 2009 BROCHURE ASHWAMEDHA CONCEPT In the search for India’s best, Indian Institute of Management Indore presents Ashwamedha, an event earmarked to anoint the person who shall lead tomorrow's India Inc. Ashwa, the flagship event of Ahvan (formerly called IRIS), is a unique platform where you prove to be the rightful holder of the title of “The Best Leader”. The event draws a parallel to the ancient Vedic ritual of the same name, performed to attain power, glory, fame and prosperity. Ashwamedha pacifies your quest for greatness and immortality. It is an event where you would make friends but won’t give an inch to anyone for there is no place for second best. Ashwamedha is reinvented every time. The event concepts would not be akin to anything you have seen or heard from anyone. The surprise element has helped Ashwa achieve the status of the most anticipated event in the B-School calendar. “2nd Best is just an Oxymoron”
  2. 2. Ashwamedha ’09 November, 2009 “The most anticipated event of IRIS, Ashwamedha, lived up to its billing in terms of the quality of participants and the testing and grueling rounds it comprised of” – The Financial Express THE STAGES Contenders from invited B-Schools enter the contest and participate in the Hurdle, an online test. Selected 100 proceed to Ignite. Ignite is an online event of social relevance 30 contenders are invited to the campus where they perform a number of group tasks testing managerial and leadership skills, on Day 1 of Ashwa, the Ascend Selected contenders proceed to Day 2, the Summit, and perform tasks of increased complexity, stress and pressure proving their leadership and execution skills Chosen few enter Spotlight, a public stress interview by eminent panel of “Ekameva Jayate” judges comprising of leaders from ONE ALONE TRIUMPHS industry and the academic world
  3. 3. Ashwamedha ’09 November, 2009 Ashwamedha is the true embodiment of the spirit of competition, where the participants co-operate to advance and yet have to outwit their adversaries About Ashwamedha your mettle in varied aspects like Eligibility negotiation, decision making, team work, Ashwamedha is meticulously designed each creativity, stress handling, self- confidence Final year PGP students of invited B-Schools (Top 30. Visit for the list year by a special team comprising of and other such skills testing your managerial of invited schools) students, professors and consultants. Every and leadership acumen in high pressure EPGP Students of invited B-Schools year, more than 1500 of the brightest minds situations. The event is divided into multiple from the top B-schools of the country stages and the level of complexity and People holding MBA equivalent degrees, working in concerns participate in this grand event. Ashwamedha pressure increases with each passing round. is a battle spread over 30 days culminating in Non MBA holders who have full time paid work experience of two years or more a grand finale at the IIM Indore campus. With This time Ashwamedha goes global. We are Entry Fee the philosophy of “Ekameva Jayate”, open to final year students of India's top 30 B- Ashwamedha awards only a single winner Schools and 30 international counterparts of Free for current PGP and EPGP students who takes it all including the prize money of highest repute. Rs. 1,50,000/-. Ashwamedha is the true Rs 500 is the entry fee for working professionals. Professionals will be invited to the embodiment of the spirit of competition, We have thrown Ashwa open to corporate campus on the basis of their performance in the Hurdle- an aptitude online test, and executives, who have been there and done it their B-Plan for sustainable solution for a given social problem. The Hurdle round will where the participants co-operate to advance not be an elimination round for working professionals. and yet have to outwit their adversaries. For all. It gives an opportunity for current only one shall take the prize money and the students to benchmark skills and to match coveted Golden Horse home. creativity with the best in business. It won’t be a walk in the park for the executives too. If Winner takes home Rs 1,50,000 and the trophy The event places you in a series of simulated you disagree, we invite you to prove it and For registration and rules, visit our page in to Registration closes on real life scenarios where the you have to use pocket a cool 150,000 Rupees. 30th October. Campus round participants would be provided up to Rs 2000 for your wits, knowledge and passion to prove conveyance. Shared accomodation will be provided in IIM Indore hostel.
  4. 4. Ashwamedha ’09 November, 2009 TASK DETAILS plans. After the day of featuring, the author They tasks are also designed to test aspects TIMELINES will get a day to incorporate the suggestions like innovation, negotiation, team play, and submit the final B-plan. Each club will decision making, stress handling ability, Hurdle have a faculty of IIM Indore as the judge for street smartness, power play and so on. 30th Deadline for Registration the club who will periodically post his Some fun activities will be thrown in to ease October An online aptitude test. It is an elimination comments. Based on the performance in the burden of the grueling schedule. round for current students and one of the Ignite round (plan and critique) the judges 31st Hurdle round judging parameters for working will recommend people to invite for the Campus round day 2- Summit October professionals campus round from their respective clubs. Surviving contestants shall be given one or 1st Hurdle results, Launching of Ignite Working professionals will also have the task two tasks of high stress and complexity to November the round Ignite of creating a B-plan based sustainable test out leadership aptitude and execution 100 surviving students would be placed in solution to a social issue, but professionals mettle. 5th Deadline for submission of 10 clubs each of size 10. Each club will be will not be put through the full rigor of the November initial B-Plans given a social issue for which they have to Ignite round. Their B-Plan and their Grand Finale- Spotlight create a B plan based solution that is performance in Hurdle will be used to 6th Ignite begins determine the campus round invitees. Public stress interview with eminent judges November sustainable and submit their presentations. is held under a spotlight in IIM Indore After submissions, the Ignite round will Campus round day 1- Ascend Auditorium filled to it capacity. The ultimate 10th Ignite concludes begin and run for 5 days. Each day two winner is the one who after proving his November plans gets featured online from each club. Ascend involves a series of tasks testing the mettle among other participants, is also All the members of the respective clubs will contestant’s expertise in various domains unfazed by the crowd, panel of judges and 12th Dispatching Invitations for have to post their critique on the featured like marketing, finance, strategy, operations. charms the audience with his wits. November campus round 19th Campus round day 1, CONTACT DETAILS November Ascend Srinath Ramachandra | | 9009174669 Sudhir Nair | | 9907664683 20th Day 2- Summit, Spotlight, November Conclusion of Ashwamedha