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Al baddad military solutions presentation

  3. 3. Military Temporary Storage For Short/Long term rental or purchase. International provides temporary structures, warehousing, storage and buildingsolutions. We are U.A.E based company that is ideally placed to offer our Military temporarystructures and storage solutions nationwide , We also offer a hire or buy option when it comes toour temporary structures and temporary warehousing solutions . International gives you the opportunity to increase your covered storage area at yourexisting premises within a very short period of time. Many of our clients have been avoidingexpenditures by restricting their activities to one site rather than renting off site space which can bean inflexible and expensive alternative to an Instant Space structure.
  4. 4. What is an industrial structure?In the case of an industrial structure, an aluminum framework is covered with a tarpaulin made of translucent, PVC-coated fabric. An advantage of these light-footed halls is that they can be set up without a foundation. Aluminum Structures Steel Structures
  5. 5. MembranesAbout architectural membranes :There is a range of different types of membranes to choose from. With attention and care you must choosewhich type better matches your requirements. The materials role in the structures integrity and performancemakes the selection process very essential.PVCPVC coated Polyester materials - the polyester base cloth is durable, strong and relatively not expensive.The polyester base cloths are usually coated with PVC to preserve the color and resist water, heat, and wind.
  6. 6. MembranesPVC : High Resistance to stretching due to exceptional stability . Two-way stress guarantees stringent monitoring of weft thread for thorough compliance with the straight thread .
  7. 7. MembranesPVC : Anti-thermal Infrared Anti-near Infrared Fire and flam resistance An effective response to risk of : • Accidental tearing • Intrusion • Damage • Theft
  8. 8. Membranes PVC : Eliminates, flaps, and reduces  No Snow pockets  No water Pockets damage to ensure more durability of the  Snow will not affect the roof  No Leaks structure  Double Membrane = more comfort  Less health and safety consequences Acoustic comfort especially in the internal  prevents water from flowing along or structure into aluminum profile. More structure stability The double membrane provides an air The double membrane provides an air layer, helping isolate the inside of the layer helping reduce condensation structure from the outside temperature.
  9. 9. Membranes Roof OptionsWall Options
  10. 10. MembranesSandwich Panels : Our Sandwich Panel walling system works on the basis of four sheets between each two bays. Panelsare well installed for halls to have a near perfect finishing. It is very safe, strong, and durable.Option for sandwich panel with Rockwool insulation is also available upon request. Outer andinner layer of sandwich panel are made of pre-painted GI corrugated sheets and insulated with50mm polyurethane or Rockwool.
  11. 11. MembranesUPVC Panels : Solid PVC panels are quickly and easily installed. Four to five panels can be placed between each twobays.The panels are secured by the simple configuration of the sub aluminum hardware kit. UPVC wallingsystem is strong and durable. It can be exchanged for Glass panels for getting more natural light.It is available in many colors and its thickness can reach 30mm and its height ranges from 3-5 meters.
  12. 12. MembranesGlass Panels :Single and double glazed glass panels are quickly and easily installed. Four or five panels cane be placed between each two bays.The panels are secured by the simple configuration of the sub aluminum hardware kit. Glass wallingsystem is more flexible than other systems currently available on the market. It can be replaced by solidUPVC panels or Sandwich panels for fixing door units. Same structural component applies to all panelsused.
  13. 13. Color ChoicesAny color is available upon request. Standard color is: White translucent (usually used for roof sections for maximum natural daylight transmission and a darker color is used for bottom section near the foundation to hide the dirt)
  14. 14. AccessoriesLink tunnels
  15. 15. AccessoriesAir Conditioning | Heating | Ventilation
  16. 16. AccessoriesAir Conditioning | Heating | Ventilation
  17. 17. Doors halls can be fitted with a wide range of door selection. We supply all sizes of doors based on the configuration of the building.Standard door sizes:personal door (standard 1.0m wide x 2.0m height)Roller shutter doors (up to 5.0m wide x 5.0m height)Sliding doors (up to 20m wide x 6.0m height)
  18. 18. Flooring Wooden floors• A 2440/1200/18mm commercial plywood with aluminum profile tube that supports both sides of the panels. Uniform distributed load (UDL) can hold up to 300kg/m. Wooden floors are available in different shapes and sizes and they are the most cost effective option for floors.
  19. 19. Flooring Aluminum flooringThis type of flooring uses 3mm thick aluminum checker plate on the top of 18mm thick CommercialPlywood. This material is anti-slippery and its mainly used for dining areas and kitchens.Uniform distributed load (UDL) will be 400kg/m2• Standard size is 2.44x1.2m fixed on aluminum profile tubes• Floors are covered with anti-corrosive coating
  20. 20. Products International temporary structures are the ideal solution for your short and medium term space availability.The structures can be extended or transferred to a different site at any time. It can be assembled without a foundation and set up on existing asphalt or gravel surfaces. This guarantees that you will always be able to master any major fluctuations due to space availability.
  21. 21. Hangars and Shelters used within Military ApplicationsHere are some examples of applications for AL Baddad hangars and shelters:• Hangars for Helicopters / Aircrafts/Tanks & Vehicles .• Workshop tent• Storage tent• Tents to protect containers from weather conditions• Tents to store military equipments• Canteen tent• Meeting tent
  22. 22. Pyramid Hall
  23. 23. Pyramid Hall Kuwait
  24. 24. Pyramid Hall Project In Afghanistan Project In AfghanistanProject In Afghanistan
  25. 25. Pyramid HallUAE Darfur SudanDarfur Sudan Asia/Qatar
  26. 26. Pyramid Hall Afghanistan AfghanistanAfghanistan
  27. 27. Pyramid Hall Afghanistan Afghanistan The Palm DubaiThe Palm Dubai The Palm Dubai
  28. 28. Pyramid HallThe Palm Dubai The Palm DubaiThe Palm Dubai
  29. 29. Smart Hall
  30. 30. Smart Hall Egypt SINA
  31. 31. Smart Hall Afghanistan
  32. 32. Tunnel / Steel HallSudan Darfur KuwaitSudan Darfur
  33. 33. Tunnel / Steel Hall Kuwait Kuwait KuwaitKuwait Kuwait Kuwait
  34. 34. Tunnel / Steel Hall AfghanistanKuwait Kuwait
  35. 35. Portable Cabins
  36. 36. Portable CabinsUAE UAEUAE
  37. 37. Portable CabinsUAE
  38. 38. Portable CabinsUAE UAEUAE
  39. 39. EngineeringDesign membrane buildings are designed for flexible use. Different shapes and dimensions areavailable because our membrane fabrics has the property of formability, tensile, strength and durability.We can build large span buildings with no pillars and make buildings meet the requirement for local wind,snow, and seismic loads. All components are joined by bolts and the construction can be handled in shorttime at the site. If necessary, components can also be disassembled easily for second use.
  40. 40. Installation International can supply specialized shop drawings on foundation design. Thefoundation requirements for structures are typically lower than for traditionalmetal and concrete construction because our buildings can withstand moderate differentialfoundation settlement. Besides, we attach detailed product instructions and clients caninstall the components using minimal tools and support equipment by themselves.
  41. 41. U.A.E KSA Yemen Nigeria BAHRAIN Ghana Nigeria QATARRwanda Maldives OMAN Morocco Tunisia USTRALIA Haiti Djibouti KUWAIT SUDAN Senegal Algeria Togo SA India Armenia Libya AFGHANISTAN EUROUP USA JORDAN UAE - Head Office Tel : + 971 -4 -8029901 Dubai- P.O Box 56162 Fax : + 971 -4 -8029903 Cell: 00971 50 5474929