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Resume of Sudhendra Hydebad


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Resume of Sudhendra Hydebad

  1. 1. A.Sudhendra 09177337768 A result oriented manager with track record of over 19 years at various levels, of which 13 years are of Managerial experience. I am having exposure to Trade as will as Institutional sales, Team building and management, Training & Development of team members and Relationship management in Sales Management in Pharmaceutical sector. I played important role, within area of my operation in growth of organization like Cadila Lab. ltd., Abbott labs, RPG life Sciences, Khandelwal Labs, DWD pharma., MSN labs and DR Johns labs Pharma, I was part of and experience in the process of building brands and developing People, I had been able to replicate good business practice learnt in the past and put into pratice the same in future for growth of Organization and myself. Presently I am working with DR JOHNS Pharma labs., as RSM ( Second line Manager) overseeing operations Telangana and A.P. It was new learning for me to bring in KOL on board of CRM activity and get higher sales volumes from earlier CRM Drs that has enriched me. I am seeking for assignment in reputed pharmaceutical company in similar capacity or their above. Core Competencies Have flair in planning process, operating as profit centre, Sales and Marketing Management, Customer relationship management, Sales promotion (organize CME, Seminars, Campaigns) Distribution Management and Team management. Summary of Experience  Joined in DR JOHNs PHRAMA LABs from June 15 as RSM based at Hyderabad # Increased average primary sales by 25%, # Increased sales volume from KOL Drs # Added or Hocked in more number of Drs into CRM activity # Improved customer coverage from 6 Drs call average to 9 Drs call average # Increased number of MRs from 2 to 7.  Rejoined Khandelwal labs in July ’11 - May’15 as ZSM (Second line manager) based at Hyderabad for Radon Div of Klab and were part of rebuilding team for growth. Post-merger we could successful built sales in not only new HQ but also in existing HQ. Developed Key products sales like Cefoclox XL, Rab, Rab D, Robinaxol D, Robinaxol etc and also new products like Robi D and Spasmonorm M. In current FY 2014-15 Six MR achieved Annual target by Feb’15 itself, Three MR on their way to achieve thee Qtr targets and five MR on their way to achieve two Qtrs.  Joined MSN labs in June’09 as RSM based Hyderabad build business across re-launching operations, from zero sales to present sales of Rs.7 lakhs
  2. 2. per month and in phase manner built a team from 3 TM to present 22 TM and 5 BM.  Joined DWD Pharmaceuticals ltd. in July’ 08 as ZSM to oversee operation of whole of A.P. with Six FM and Thirty MR’s. Streamlined Sales operation while maintaining same sales trend.  Joined Khandelwal July’ 04 as ABM based at Hyderabad covering part of Hyderabad pool and Nalgonda. After handling task successful, in April 06 I was promoted as ZSM to oversee operations of Telangana and Rayalasemma area of A.P.  Joined RPG life Sciences in Dec’01, based at Hyderabad as District Manager covering Hyderabad and Karimnagar. I was later asked to cover HQ like Warangal, Kurnool- Ananthpur too.  Joined Abbott labs. in Jan’98 as MR based at Bangalore. After completing specific task, I was brought back to Hyderabad in Jan ’99 and in year 2000 I was promoted to Uro Task force (a group of 10 members in all major cities of the country) promoting products like Hytrin, Lucrin, and Calciijex.  Joined Concept Pharmaceuticals as management trainee at Hyderabad in August’97. However in Jan’98 I joined Abbott Labs along with Mr. D.N.Kishore then ZSM.  Joined Cadila Labs. ltd., as MR in ’93 based at Hyderabad. Learnt job of MR and successfully handled task given. I was associated for two and half years. After which I joined Two years full time management course program in year’95. Achievements  Developed sales of Key products sales like Cefoclox XL, Rab, Rab D, Robinaxol D, Robinaxol etc in K labs and also of new products like Robi D and Spasmonorm M. In current FY 2014-15 Six MR achieved Annual target by Feb’15 itself, Three MR are on their way to achieve three Qtr targets and four MR on their way to achieve two Qtrs. Improved PCPM from Rs 0.78 lakhs to current Rs.1.05 lakhs  Awarded as Best in class performance and Outstanding Sales performance for Vitasafe in MSN labs 2010-11.A.P. ranked No. 2 in terms of sales of Tapal (Tapentadol) newly launched brands.  Streamlined many of the micro functions of the Sales operation at regional level so that information is available at the earliest DWD pharmaceuticals.  Made A.P. state as No. one state in terms of Sales in South India overtaking Karnataka state (traditional number one state to the company in terms of Sales Volume) in DWD pharmaceutical ltd.  Improved Zonal Ranking (within Company) from 9th position to 2nd position in Khandelwal labs ltd (Radon Division) in span of two years.  Improved PCPM of Cefi XL (from 15 boxes to 69 boxes), Rab (from 9 boxes to 18 boxes), Robinaxol/ Robi- D (from15 boxes to 21 boxes), Ofla OD (from 4 boxes to 13 boxes).
  3. 3.  Sixteen out of Twenty MRs earned regularly monthly volume incentives.  Successfully launched Asfer, Ritox, Cefi IV (all in Khandelwal lab) and Corzi (in DWD).  Conducted 18 CME in a span of two years in Khandelwal labs.  Trained and Developed MR.’s and FM well, as a result man turnover was low with improved productivity.  Had successful sales track record and achieved budget month after month as MR. Could sell max. Units of Lucrin, Calciijex inj. and Hytrin.  Had been applauded for my work by V.P. and Sales Managers Academics  PGDBM from I.P.E., O.U. Campus, Hyderabad. Two years full time Business management course. Passed out in first division in year’ 97.  B. Pharmacy from V.L. college of Pharmacy, Raichur. I passed out in ’92 in Second Division.  Intermediate B.P.C. from Nrupatunga Jr. College, Hyderabad in’88.  Passed Secondary School exam in ’85 from St. George Grammar School, Hyderabad Personal Details  Date of Birth: 15th Dec.1969.  Marital Status: Married  Languages Known: Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and English.  Personal Interest: Reading Books, Travelling, Playing Cricket, Gardening.  Correspondence address: 366/ 2RT, First Floor, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad 500 038. Reference Mr. S.A. Hafeez 09440276053 Mr. P.Mohan Rao 09320104806 Regards Sudhendra