Geometry in daily life


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This is an presentation on geometry in our

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Geometry in daily life

  1. 1. Geometry in Daily Life90o  Saumya Srivastava  Aashray Rao  Bhrigu Aditya  Vibhav Reddy VI-I / AIS, NOIDA
  2. 2. Geometry in Photography  The reason that 45 degree lighting is so important is that it’s the perfect angle to create modeling on the human form. Subject  The term modeling refers to showing three dimensionality through the use of light.  When you have light comingLi from where the camera is, that gh tin three dimensionality is lost g because shadows aren’t seen on the face.  Put the light off the camera and you get shadows, which gives you 3D, and 45 degrees is the perfect angle to maximize this effect. Camera
  3. 3. Projectile Range 60 o Stairs : inclined at 60o, with each stair at 90o. Semicircles in 30o Cycles 120o 30oA Simple cloth hanger has 2x 30o angles + 1 x 120o angle= 180o angle.
  4. 4. Geometry in Architecture• Arches are used to withstand maximum weight.• Structural designs to withstand forces of nature
  5. 5. Geometry in Nature Geometry of Lunar Eclipse Symmetry of a Leaf
  6. 6.  The shortest path between two points is a straight line. The two sides of Roads are always parallel to each other
  7. 7. Geometry in Cycles . Racing bikes are made using bestgeometry to give maximum efficiency. 
  8. 8. Geometry in Stairs . Inclined Angle = 60o angle; Each Stairs = 90o angle  90o 60 o
  9. 9. Chart LayoutCHART LAYOUT
  10. 10. Geometry in Cycles Specific examples Geometry in Stairs . . Racing bikes are made using best Inclined Angle = 60o angle; Eachgeometry to give maximum efficiency.  Stairs = 90o angle  90o 60 o
  11. 11. Back up SlidesBACK UP SLIDES
  12. 12. Geometry in Daily Life• Geometry is considered an important field of study because of its applications in daily life.• For example, a sports car move in a circular path and it applies the concepts of geometry.• Stairs are made in your homes inclined at 60o, with each stair designed at 90 degrees.• A Simple cloth hanger has 2 x 30o angles + 1 x 120o angle = 180o angle.• A ceiling fan has its 3 blades at 120o angles to make 360o while in motion.• Any object when thrown at 45o angle, covers maximum distance.• In addition, geometrical shapes are also used by the artists. The most interesting example is that nature speaks of geometry and you can see shapes in all things of nature.
  13. 13. Geometry in Cycles .Racing bikes are made using best geometry to give maximum efficiency.  What is so special …  •The Ridley frames are built with the longest head tubes in the industry. •The stem is sitting directly above the head tube, translation; comfort, stability, control. •In addition to longer head tubes, Ridley has revolutionized frame geometry by introducing the first 1.5inch bottom headset. •This enables maintaining light low weight on all their frames
  14. 14. Geometry in Daily Life We need not be lost anywhere in this great universe. We can go to any place and come back to the place of origin. The location concept is a geometrical concept. Even a sailor amid sea and a pilot in the air uses geometrical ideas to locate himself and where he is heading. Designing our house, School, town planning,roads, bridges, surveying are the products of geometry. Astronomy,Dynamics,Statics,Spacial movemnts of Satellites and plannets , knwoledge of the sun ,stars,milky way and universe are the extended thought of the geometry.