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The design and implementation of power earth line monitoring system


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The design and implementation of power earth line monitoring system

  1. 1. The Design and Implementation of Power Earth-Line Monitoring System The power earth-line monitoring system is a system that uses GSM communications technology to collect record and display the physical parameters of earth lines when the power lines are under construction and maintenance. The system is used to provide the help for production management and on-site operator. The large construction of power lines often have many measurement and control objects which are each separated by a certain distance but require a unified management and scheduling. In particular widely distributed and adverse environment, how to effectively collect and transmit data and then control and manage the whole procedure to ensure construction safety has a very important significance. Existing System: Manual inspection of earth line is undergone in current system. Fault identification is difficult and it requires more time for fault identification. Due to these disadvantages the proposed system utilizes GSM based power earth line monitoring system. Proposed System: When the intelligent earth monitor detects that the single phase power lines and the single phase earth-line are connected, it shows earth state. When the single phase power lines and single phase earth-line are detected to be disconnected, it shows off state. Here, 89C51 transmits state data to GSM data transmission module through the serial port, and then the GSM data transmission module sends state data in the form of short messages by using GSM network. The remote receiver receives state data via GSM data transmission module and then processes them through MCU before they are sent into the monitor host in monitoring center via RS-232 port. In the monitoring center, earth information is shown by the "Service monitoring program".
  2. 2. Block Diagram: Detecting Circuit: L N E Power Supply LCD Display Power Control Circuit ADC 0808 8051 Microcontroller Max232 GSM Modem Power Control Circuit Monitoring Section:
  3. 3. Power supply GSM Modem Max232 Hardware requirements:  8051 Microcontroller.  ADC 0808.  Current Sensor.  LCD Display.  Max 232 circuit.  GSM Modem.  PC Software requirements:  Embedded C  Keil Compiler.  VB Advantages:  Fault detection and location is identified quickly.  Simple and easier technique to find earth fault. PC
  4. 4.  Low cost technique.