Research on alarm system of railway crossing based on gps and gprs


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Research on alarm system of railway crossing based on gps and gprs

  1. 1. Research on alarm system of railway crossing based On GPS and GPRS Abstract: Railway crossing, crossing alarm technology is a major difficulty to overcome that difficulties, Firstly, they have poor system stability and performance; secondly, the active sensors have some defects like this: instability and short reliable life cycle which would be replaced every two years, complex working principle, cost-ineffective, prone to failure, not convenient for the work, and the most serious problem is that the car will bring vibration and displacement of loose, which will cause the alarm to fail. These problems often bring some illusion and trouble to the guarder, so it is one of the major security risks on railway. The system integrated with GPS and GPRS networks positioning, combined the advantages of the two and overcome the disadvantages of them, which made the performance improved significantly. We use the satellite communication to locate the train positions and measure their speeds. The wireless data communication link will provide the information of the train location and speed for the train control center, and in turn control the train speed and signal display. Existing System: From the situation of current domestic and international railway crossing, crossing alarm technology is a major difficulty. It has become a more complicated issue since the sixth railway speed-raising. A variety of alarm systems have been proposed previously, but all of them have some problems. So we go for the GPRS based proposed system to overcome the difficulties of the existing system. Proposed System: This proposed system included three sections 1.Train Section 2.Railway track section 3.Control Center. Train section contains the ARM processor connected with the GPS, LCD, GPRS modem and Zigbee. Railway track section contains the IR sensor for measuring the speed of the train. Control center contains the GPRS modem and PC for uploading the data in internet.
  2. 2. The GPS in the train section will receive the location continuously. When the train comes near to the crossing then the command will be sent from the GPRS to the control center. The speed of the train will be transmitted via Zigbee to the train section. Through the train section speed will be uploaded in internet. The arrival of the train will be intimated through buzzer in the control center. Block Diagram: Railway track section: Power Supply IR transmitter IR transmitter Train Section: IR Receiver IR receiver LCD 8051 Microcontroller MAX232 Zigbee Transceiver
  3. 3. Power Supply GPS UART0 LPC2129 ARM7 Processor GSM/ GPRS Modem Zigbee Transceiver UART1 UART1 Control Centre module: Power Supply GSM/ GPRS Modem LCD MAX232 8051 Microcontroller LED Array Hardware requirement:      8051 microcontroller ARM7 Microprocessor IR transmitter and receiver GPRS modem GPS Buzzer
  4. 4.      Zigbee transceiver LCD MAX232 LED array Buzzer Software requirement:  KEIL compiler  Embedded C  Advantage:  Highly reliable.  Fast response.  Low Cost