More efficient home energy management system based on zigbee communication and infrared remote controls


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More efficient home energy management system based on zigbee communication and infrared remote controls

  1. 1. MORE EFFICIENT HOME ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BASED ON ZIGBEE COMMUNICATION AND INFRARED REMOTE CONTROLS Abstract: This paper describes more efficient home energy management system to reduce power consumption in home area. We consider the room easily controllable with an IR remote control of a home device. The room has automatic standby power cut-off outlets, a light, and a Zigbee hub. The Zigbee hub has an IR code learning function and educates the IR remote control signal of a home device connected to the power outlet. Then the power outlets and the light in the room can be controlled with an IR remote control. A typical automatic standby power cut-off outlet has a waiting time before cutting off the electric power. It consumes standby power during that time. To eliminate the waiting time, we turn off the home device and the power outlet simultaneously with an IR remote control through the Zigbee hub. Existing system: As more and more home appliances and consumer electronics are installed, residential energy consumption tends to grow rapidly. A large number of home devices increase power consumption in two aspects, standby power and normal operation power. Those two kinds of power consumption are proportional to the number of home devices. As a result, Standby power is electricity used by appliances and equipment while they are switched off or not performing their primary function. As around 10 % of a total household power is consumed during standby power mode, the reduction of standby power is greatly necessary to reduce the electricity cost in home in this project application. Proposed System: In this project we introducing a new technique in this application, here we are using a microcontroller, zigbee transceiver, IR TV remote controller, and relay to operate electrical
  2. 2. equipments. Here the method to operate devices using IR TV remote and Internet also. With the help of microcontroller to On/Off devices and the status should be displayed in LCD display and this information is up dated in the Internet. By accessing the internet the user may came to know that what are the devices are running in the home using Zigbee wireless communication. The user wants to control means these electrical devices. He may control it through internet itself. Or if he is in the Home, he may control it through IR Remote controller technique. Through this we could achieve the Home Energy Management. Block Diagram: Home Section:
  3. 3. Control section: Hardware Requirements: 1. Power Supply & AT89C51 microcontroller 2. Relay 3. LCD Display
  4. 4. 4. Zigbee Transceiver 5. PC 6. IR Remote controller Software Requirements: 1. Embedded C 2. Keil Compiler Application: 1. Can be used in highly energy taken area like government office, IT parks, atomic stations etc. Advantage: 1. Avoid manpower 2. Low cost 3. Easy maintenance