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Monitoring of posture allocations and activities by a shoe based wearable sensor


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Monitoring of posture allocations and activities by a shoe based wearable sensor

  1. 1. MONITORING OF POSTURE ALLOCATIONS AND ACTIVITIES BY A SHOE-BASED WEARABLE SENSOR Abstract: Monitoring of posture allocations and activities enables accurate estimation of energy expenditure and may identify the problem in leg and providing further treatment . At present, accurate devices rely on multiple sensors distributed on the body and thus may be too obtrusive for everyday use. This paper presents a novel wearable sensor, which is capable of very accurate recognition of common postures and activities. Using a bionic sensor, controller identifies the problem in patient leg and wireless technology used to intimate condition of patient to remote doctor. Existing System: In existing system patient only can feel the problem in leg, there is no provision to identify patient problem. Doctor cannot identify directly seeing the patient. Hence we propose the new system. Proposed System: In this project, we propose “monitoring of posture allocations and activities by a shoebased wearable sensor”. Here the bionic sensor are fixed in the shoe, the sensor output is connected with embedded microprocessor. The PIC microcontroller is used to sense the bionic sensor output. The PIC microcontroller having the internal Signal conditioning device and microcontroller send the patient status to remote doctor using wireless technology. In this zigbee wireless technology used to transfer the information to remote doctor. In receiver end Microcontroller receives signal using zigbee transceiver and uploads to PC using RS232 serial communication protocol and VB.NET application.
  2. 2. Block Diagram: Transmitter Section: Power Supply Bionic Sensor PIC UART MCU LCD Receiver Section:
  3. 3. Power Supply UART PIC MCU Hardware Requirements:  PIC16F877A Microcontroller & Power supply.  Bionic Sensor  Zigbee module.  LCD  MAX 232.  PC Software Requirements:  Embedded C  CCS or MPLAB Compiler  VB .NET MAX 232