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Intelligent online measurement and management of energy meter data through advanced wireless network


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Intelligent online measurement and management of energy meter data through advanced wireless network

  1. 1. INTELLIGENT ONLINE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF ENERGY METER DATA THROUGH ADVANCED WIRELESS NETWORK In this paper with the help of an energy chip, an improved energy metering solution is developed, where automating the progression of measurement through digital wireless communication technique is adopted to get the above benefits along with smooth control. The developed energy meter calculates the total average active power mainly for residential consumers. The hardware circuit accepts single phase voltage and currents as its inputs and provides the output in the form of logic data proportional to the average real power. This data is fed to a remote computer server through the wireless ZigBee network that represents the concept of distant wireless metering, practically involving no manpower. Existing System: In this existing system, it needs a manual power to monitor and measure the meter reading in the power meter. And also if any fault current flow i.e. changes of current flow between phase and neutral are not monitored. So it is very difficult to detect those types of situation in the industries. Proposed System: In this system we are able to monitor and measure the meter reading from the remote place. Here we are using Zigbee wireless technology, current sensor which is all interfaced with the microcontroller. The Load is connected with the power supply using Energy meter, the meter measures the values and then the values are fed to microcontroller, then the microcontroller transfer the meter value to internet using zigbee wireless technology. In other end PC receives meter value using wireless and uploaded to internet using V.NET application. EB department can see the customer EB value through internet itself. The PIC microcontroller senses the current value of phase and neutral and compare with that value for fault identification. If fault occurs the microcontroller invokes the alarm indication.
  2. 2. Block Diagram: Meter Unit:
  3. 3. Power Supply IR Sensor PIC 16F877A LCD ENERGY METER Alarm Load Current Sensor Current Sensor Server node:
  4. 4. Power supply MAX 232 Hardware used:  PIC Microcontroller.  Zigbee  Current Sensor  Alarm  LCD.  Max232  IR receiver
  5. 5. Software used:  CCS or MP LAB Complier.  Embedded C. Advantages:  It will reduce the time to measure the meter reading.  Fault identification.