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Dual microcontroller based gprs data transmission control system design


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Dual microcontroller based gprs data transmission control system design

  1. 1. Dual-Microcontroller Based GPRS Data Transmission Control System Design Abstract: With the development of information society, many electronic systems served in important area need to transfer data remotely and wirelessly. The general packet radio service (GPRS) has been developed to allow packet data to be transported efficiently over an existing circuit-switched radio network, such as GSM. The main applications of GPRS are in transporting internet protocol (IP) data grams from web servers (for telemetry or for mobile Internet browsers). By allowing information to be transmitted more quickly, immediately and efficiently across the mobile network, GPRS may well be a relatively less costly mobile data service compared to SMS and circuit switched data. GPRS become the first choice for remote wireless data transmission because of its excellence in reliability, economy and other advantages. GPRS data transmission systems have special modules to handle the baseband data, but the modules are inconvenient to transfer data directly, communication channel controlling and data buffering need external computer or controller circuit to achieve, so the data transmission control system is required. In this paper, we are committed to Double microcontroller based GPRS data transmission control system design. Existing System: However, the transmission control system needs to send and receive data simultaneously, so two serial interfaces are needed. Some transmission control systems use dual-port MCU or FPGA chip to implement two serial ports. In this paper, the data transmission control system uses two single-serial-ported ATMEL AT89C51 microcontrollers as the controlling core. Proposed System: A new method is introduced in GPRS data transmission control system design, which is to employ two microcontrollers as control core. Firstly introduced the GPRS data transmission system, and then gave a new GPRS data transmission control system hardware schematic design and software flow chart design. Compared to systems using single microcontroller, ARM control core, the advantage of the new data transmission control system is presented. The master
  2. 2. microcontroller is connected with current and voltage sensors. The sensors were used to find the faults in the microcontroller. The data will be monitored on both in local PC as well as in server. The master controller sends data to local PC and sends same data to the slave microcontroller. The device is controlled both from PC as well as from Server. BLOCK DIAGRAM: Robot Section: Power supply Power supply Max232 LCD Microcontroller Microcontroller AT89C51 AT89C51 Master Slave Max232 PC GPRS Modem Relay Device Comparator Current and Voltage Sensor
  3. 3. Control and Monitoring Section: Power supply GPRS Modem Hardware Requirements:  AT89C51 Microcontroller  GPRS Modem  Comparator  Max232  Current sensor  Voltage sensor  Relay Driver  LCD Software Used:  Keil Compiler  Embedded C  VB Max232 PC
  4. 4. Advantages:   Cost efficient technique. Remote monitoring Application