Automatic ambulance rescue system


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Automatic ambulance rescue system

  1. 1. AUTOMATIC AMBULANCE RESCUE SYSTEM Abstract: Traffic congestion and tidal flow management were recognized as major problems in modern urban areas, which have caused much thwarting for the ambulance. Moreover road accidents in the city have been incessant and to bar the loss of life due to the accidents is even more crucial. To implement this we introduce a scheme called AARS (Automatic ambulance rescue system). The main theme behind this scheme is to provide a smooth flow for the ambulance to reach the hospitals in time and thus minifying the expiration. The idea behind this scheme is to implement an IT’S which would control mechanically the traffic lights in the path of the ambulance. The ambulance is controlled by the central unit which furnishes the most scant route to the ambulance and also controls the traffic light according to the ambulance location and thus reaching the hospital safely. The server also determines the location of the accident spot through the sensor systems in the vehicle which encountered the accident and thus the server walks through the ambulance to the spot. This scheme is fully automated, thus it finds the accident spot, controls the traffic lights, helping to reach the hospital in time. Existing System: Till now there should be the need of manual power to intimate the accident to the ambulance. It will lead to the human losses. So we go for the GSM based system to intimate the accident to the ambulance from that place itself. Proposed System: In proposed system if a vehicle has met accidents, immediately an alert msg with the location coordinates is sent to the Control center. From the control center, an msg is sent to the nearby ambulance. Also signal is transmitted to all the signals in between ambulance and vehicle location to make it green. The vehicle accident observed using vibration sensor and in the control section it is received by the microcontroller and then the nearby ambulance is received from the
  2. 2. PC and controller sends the message to the ambulance. The signal to Traffic signal section is transmitted through RF communication. Block Diagram: Vehicle Unit: Power Supply GSM Modem Vibration Sensor 8051 Micro controller MAX232 LCD Traffic signal section: GPS
  3. 3. Power Supply LCD HT12D Decoder RF Receiver 8051 Micro controller Traffic lights Control Unit: RF Transmitter HT12D Encoder Power Supply UART Control 8051 Micro controller GSM Modem LCD Hardware requirement: PC
  4. 4.       8051 microcontroller GPS module RF transmitter and receiver MAX232 GSM Modem Vibration Sensor  LCD  PC with .NET Software requirement:  Keil Compiler  Embedded C  VB .NET Advantage:  Fast response.  Reduce the loss of human life