Short stories (4) (1)


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Short stories (4) (1)

  1. 1. One day, acrow saw apiece of cakeon the wall.He pick-ed it upwith his beakand flew away.He sat on the He was ready tobranch of a eat the cake.tree.
  2. 2. Just then, a foxcame upto thetree.He saw thecake and want-ed to eat it. He said to the crow – You areHe had an very pretty.idea.
  3. 3. He said to thecrow – Youare verypretty.Your voicealso must be The crow wasvery sweet. fool-ish.Please sing a He began tosong for me. sing.
  4. 4. The cake fellfrom his beak.The fox pick-edit and ate it up.He went awayhappily.
  5. 5. The Thirsty Crow
  6. 6. One day insummer, it wasvery hot.A crow wasvery thirsty.It saw a potunder a tree.
  7. 7. There was verylittle water in it.The crow sawpebbles lyingnear the tree. The crow pickedThe crow had up the pebblesan idea. with his beak.
  8. 8. He put theminto the pot,one by one.The water inthe pot rose.The crowdrank thewater andflew awayhappily.
  9. 9. ENDTHE
  10. 10. The Lion and the Mouse
  11. 11. One day, a lioncaught a mouse. Hegot ready to eat him.The mouse said“Please do not eatme. Some day, I willhelp you”.The lion took pity onthe mouse and let himgo.
  12. 12. After a few days, thelion got caught in ahunter’s net.He cried for help.The mouse heardhim.He came to the lionand cut the net withhis sharp teeth.
  13. 13. The lion was free.He thanked themouse and wentaway happily intothe forest.
  14. 14. THE END
  15. 15. The Hare and theTortoise
  16. 16. Once upon a time,there lived a hare anda tortoise.They were very goodfriends.One day, the tortoisetold the hare “ Let usrun a race.” The tortoise saidThe hare said” I will “ We shall see.”win.”
  17. 17. So, the race began. After some time,The hare ran very the hare felt and went off farahead. He went to sleepThe tortoise walk-edslowly.
  18. 18. He slept for a The tortoise reachedlong time. The the winning posttortoise kept on before the hare andwalk-ing. won the race.
  19. 19. Slow andsteady Wins the race
  20. 20. The Capseller andthe Monkeys
  21. 21. It was a hotsummer day.A cap seller satunder a tree. Hefelt tired.He ate his food There were manyand slept for some monkeys on thetime. tree.
  22. 22. The monkeys sawthe cap seller’sbag.They came downthe tree and open-ed the bag.
  23. 23. They took all thecaps with themand went up thetree.When the capsellerwoke up, he sawthe monkeys wear-ing the caps.
  24. 24. He shout-ed at thembut the monkeys didnot return the caps.Then, he had an idea.He took the cap fromhis head and threwit down.
  25. 25. The monkeys sawhim. They alsotook the caps fromtheir heads andthrew them down.
  26. 26. The cap seller pick-edup all the caps.He put them all in hisbag and went awayhappily.
  27. 27. THE END
  28. 28. Four Friends
  29. 29. Once upon a time,there were fourfriends – the deer,the crow, the ratand the tortoise.They met everyday in the forest toplay.
  30. 30. One day, the rat,the crow and thetortoise came toplay, but the deerdid not come.They wait-ed forsome time.
  31. 31. Then, the crowwent to look forthe deer.He found the deercaught in ahunter’s net.The deer cried forhelp.
  32. 32. The crow flew backto his friends.He told them thatthey must help thedeer. The crow took theThe rat said that he rat on his backcould help the deer. and flew to the deer.
  33. 33. The rat cut the netwith his sharpteeth.The deer was free.At that time, thetortoise also camethere.
  34. 34. Just then, the huntercame there.The deer and the ratran away.The crow flew away.The hunter caughtthe tortoise and put itin a bag.
  35. 35. This time, the deer hadan idea.He ran slowly in frontof the hunter.The hunter saw thedeer and ran afterhim.
  36. 36. Once again, the rat cutthe bag and the tortoisewas free.The four friends ranaway into the forest.The hunter came backand found the bag cutopen.
  37. 37. The hunter lost thedeer and the tortoisebecause he was greedy.He went home feelingsad.The four friends play-ed in the foresthappily again.
  38. 38. THE END