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Phylum porifera


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This PPT is for F.Y.B.Sc students of course I Semester I, belonging to Mumbai University of Maharashtra India.
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Phylum porifera

  1. 1. COURSE I FIRST SEMESTERPHYLUM PORIFERAPore bearing animals exhibitingmulticellular organization Prof. S D Rathod
  2. 2. Poriferans Poriferans are pore bearing, multicellular, radially symmetrical animals Canal systems opening by ostia and osculum Endoderm lined by choanocytes Endoskeleton made of spicules
  3. 3. Diploblastic sponge
  4. 4. Class – Calcaria All sponges belonging to this class are marine, shallow water dwellers. Their endoskeleton is made up of calcareous spicules. Example - Leucosolenia
  5. 5. Class – Hexactinellida Spicules hexactinate marine, deep sea dwellers and mostly solitary endoskeleton is made up of siliceous spicules example - Euplectella
  6. 6. Venus flower basket – Euplectella deep sea dweller
  7. 7. Class – Demospongia Mostly shallow water forms and live organized and colonial, leuconoid canal system Brightly colored and large in size Siliceous or calcareous spongine fibres Example - Euspongia (Bath sponge)
  8. 8. Bath sponge
  9. 9. Sponges at sea
  10. 10. Thank you