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Introduction to 21voice


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Hey, here is a small presentation on what our company 21voice is all about.

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Introduction to 21voice

  1. 1. 21voice AN INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. Hi! Greetings from 21voice. We are an organization that provides client engagement solutions to corporate and hospitality venues with the help of live music performance and other performing arts. Since the last 4 years 21voice has proved to be a bridge between performing artists and venues so that the best outcomes of the collaboration come in play.
  3. 3. Here are some facts corresponding to performance of hospitality properties on engagement of performing arts such as live music.  Increased customer retention  Increased customer loyalty  Increased hours of operations and customer engagement  Increase in sales volume and pricing  Long term brand building  Value addition to ROI of the property
  4. 4. What we offer Our extensive marketing and management teams provide you music like no other! We are the only company that provides  100% marketing support in terms of planning  Free consulting on future marketing and maximizing outreach  0% downtime and backup of bands in case of absence of the regular band  Strategized planning on which genres and bands to be employed keeping in mind the targeted audience.  Churn and rotation of music to suit the venue needs  Layout planning of the venue  In house sound engineers and audience experience experts
  5. 5.  We combine strategy and music to provide the ultimate music experience for the host and the guest alike.
  6. 6. Sr. No. Genre Ensembles combinations (Performers options in a band) Band/Artist fee range. (Per Performance) (INR) 1 Sufi 3, 5, 6 8,000* to 60,000* 2 Alternate/ Independent Hindi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 4,000* to 90,000* 3 All Girls Bands 4 1,00,000* 4 Hard Rock/Punk Rock/ Classic Rock/ Metal 3, 4, 5, 6 20,000* to 60,000* 5 Commercial English And Hindi 1,2, 3, 4,5 10,000* to 50,000* 6 Folk Rock 3 13,000* 7 Celebrity Artist As per project As per artist fee
  7. 7. Terms:  Terms:  All payments shall be made in the name of 21vocie.  All Band fee shall be as per immediate quote before every performance.  Payments shall be made within one day of the corresponding performance by cash or cheque.  The hosts are informed that all bands performing are bound by contract with 21voice and in no circumstance can they bypass the contract and play at the venue or associated venues or parties in any way. We humbly request you to inform all staff involved to refrain from aiding any bookings directly to the bands or artists, in case any such event is found out, legal proceedings and breach of contract and violation of code shall be effective which may lead to payment of damages to 21voice from the artist or the host or its employees shall be demanded as per legal proceeding. Attorney fee shall also be claimed from the host.  21voice reserves the selection of bands for a venue. Only bands proposed can be booked/auditioned.  We would love to offer more bookings and services for private parties and other events. For this you may please speak to the undersigned.
  8. 8. Thanks Team 21voice