Mindqjobs.com : What not to write in a resume?


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This presentation covers some simple tips detailing the list of things one should avoid putting in their resume.

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Mindqjobs.com : What not to write in a resume?

  1. 1. CV Mistakeswww.mindqjobs.com
  2. 2. Points to Remember• Your CV is one among thousands that an HR representative will see• Most CVs get rejected due to blatant or silly errors found.• CVs also get rejected if they are too long. The attention span given to each CV is only a few seconds initially.• Even one mistake found can cause the CV to get rejected even if the experience is worthwhile www.mindqjobs.com
  3. 3. Avoid Writing CV/Resume• Do not write CV or Resume• Everyone knows that is what it is• Just write your name in bold.• Font Arial and Size 20 will do www.mindqjobs.com
  4. 4. Do not use All Caps• All Caps are used to emphasize something important• They are used only occasionally when something has to be highlighted• All Caps appear as if you are shouting. It is rude• Use Caps only for abbreviations like HR or VP. Not Hr or Vp. www.mindqjobs.com
  5. 5. Unnecessary Details• Do not put your entire family history with parents’ names, children names, spouse names.• No one cares about them till you are hired. At the shortlisting stage, they only care about your ability to work for the company.• Writing “Eligible” for marriage is a sure fire way to get rejected www.mindqjobs.com
  6. 6. Racist/Gender/Caste Details• Do not put your Caste, Religion, Height or Weight• It shows that you have a regressive mentality• The companies who will require these details are those in politics, modelling, TV presentation, flight or cabin crew, receptionist and even these companies look for only height and weight• Writing your caste, faction and religion is a big mistake www.mindqjobs.com
  7. 7. Neat contact information• There is no need to put your entire temporary address, permanent address, house phone number, cell number, emergency number• Ideally, give one local address, one working telephone number on which you can definitely be contacted and one email address that sounds professional. Do NOT use an email address like iloveyou@xyz.com. You will get rejected outright www.mindqjobs.com
  8. 8. Typos• Spelling mistakes in your CV shows that you are careless• You should check the CV after completion atleast 2 times to ensure that there are absolutely no spelling mistakes.• If there are spelling mistakes, the employer can assume that you are either overconfident or do not really care about getting things done the right way.• When you read your CV again, you will find more errors in it for correction www.mindqjobs.com
  9. 9. Poor formatting• Keep in mind that your resume should be pleasing to read.• Avoid long paragraphs• Avoid haphazard layouts. It should be structured neatly• Use Bold or Italics only to highlight key points• Use bulleted points instead of sentences as it gives all the information crisply• Double check before posting www.mindqjobs.com
  10. 10. No Abbreviations• Do not assume that the interviewer knows everything.• You might be comfortable with a certain area or field. The employer’s representative may not be• For example, if you write studied in IIT, it could be “Indian Institute of Technology” or “Iyappa Institute of Technology”• Similary, NIT could be “National Institute of Technology” or “Nagarjuna Institute of Technology”• State the entire name clearly to avoid any confusion• It is ok to use domain specific appreviations like jpeg file instead of “Joint Photographic Experts Group” where it is uniquely known www.mindqjobs.com
  11. 11. No SMS language• Using SMS language is sure way to get rejected immediately• Never use words like “thru” for through or “m” of am or “ur” for your• SMS language used shows that your are immature and not serious about working• NEVER use such language on professional material www.mindqjobs.com
  12. 12. Irrelevant Achievements• Companies like to see something that highlights your capability on your CV.• Do not write “Stood first in sack race in school”. That is not an achievement• Do not talk about your previous job responsibilities like “Good at testing” if you are a tester. That is expected out of you and is not an achievement• Your achievements should be something that saved a situation or was done by you when most others could not. www.mindqjobs.com
  13. 13. Avoid Superlatives• Avoid talking about yourself in superlatives like “I am the best at testing” or “excellent at automated testing”• The company will decide that if they hire you. So do not appear as if you are bragging about yourself www.mindqjobs.com
  14. 14. Job Irrelevance• Remember that your CV should talk about why you are fit for the job your are applying for• The CV should not appear to be very different from the job. Otherwise you will look totally irrelevant.• For example, if you are applying for a marketing position, then be specific in your CV. Do not put “Operations” and then still apply for marketing.• One resume format may not suit all the jobs that you are trying for www.mindqjobs.com
  15. 15. How do you feel about workingnights and weekends?Be honest here because even the employer knows that youwill not like to work night shifts. And since you are afresher, there is no strong excuse to deny working nightshifts. So you can answer“Frankly, I would not like to work night shifts but if it is tocontribute to the company’s growth, I would be open to itfor a fixed period of time. I will also work weekends if thereis a deadline to meet” www.mindqjobs.com
  16. 16. Avoid Jargon• Using fancy large words in your CV makes you look hollow• HR likes simple, straightforward points so that they can make a decision quickly.• Using fancy words may cause the HR to not understand you at all. www.mindqjobs.com
  17. 17. No fancy keywords• Try and avoid using words like these are they have been used for too long. • Dynamic • Outstanding achiever • Self-starter • Effective • Seasoned • Excellent in communication, exceptional, hard working, result oriented, result driven, motivated etc.• Instead, use simple words such as capable, communication etc. www.mindqjobs.com
  18. 18. Developed for MinQJobs by Vidhyashankar Kannan www.aquashankar.com www.mindqjobs.com