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Tips on answering some common questions in HR interviews.

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Mindqjobs.com : Fresher interview HR questions

  1. 1. Interview Questions for Fresherswww.mindqjobs.com
  2. 2. Points to Remember• You have only 5 minutes to make a good impression. The first 5 minutes are the most important• An interviewer does not know anything about you. How you project yourself is very important.• The interviewer himself/herself may not know the answers to all the questions. Your confidence in answering and approaching the problem is more important.• The interviewer should get the impression that you are keen to learn and make a difference. www.mindqjobs.com
  3. 3. Common Questions• Tell me about yourself• Why should I hire you?• What are your strengths and weaknesses?• Why do you want to work at our company?• Are you willing to relocate or travel?• What are your goals?• Give me an example of your creativity• How long would you expect to work for us if hired?• What are your outside interests?• What was the toughest decision you ever had to make? www.mindqjobs.com
  4. 4. Common Questions. . . Contd.• Explain how would be an asset to this organization?• Can you work under pressure?• How do you feel about working nights and weekends?• How much salary do you expect?• Where do you see yourself five years from now?• Are not you overqualified for this position?• Tell me something about our company.• Do you have any questions for me? www.mindqjobs.com
  5. 5. Tell me about yourself• Give a brief of your education (last degree completed), your place and family background. Keep it simple to 2 or 3 sentences.• Do NOT say “I am BASICALLY from…”• A few lines about the core technical skills.• Brief about hobbies so that interviewer understands what other interests you have• Do NOT go into strengths and weaknesses because it can lead to other questions. www.mindqjobs.com
  6. 6. Why should I hire you?• “I am a fresher and do not have any practical experience. But as I am a quick learner, I will focus on any opportunity given to me at work and deliver to the best of the company’s expectations. I am also very adaptable to changing work conditions and will give my time and effort wherever required. I intend to grow with the company. www.mindqjobs.com
  7. 7. What are your strengths andweaknesses?• Strengths • Quick learner, Excellent communication skills, Perseverance skills, Hard working, Determined, Analytical skills, Team player, Adaptable• Weaknesses – State weaknesses that can be strengths. DON’T say things like dishonest, thief, anger, violence. Instead, say • Workaholic – getting too involved in work • Slow decision maker due to too much analysis • Perfectionist – Take time to get everything right www.mindqjobs.com
  8. 8. Why do you want to work at our company?You need to appear unselfish while at the same time learn and grow in yourcareer. So frame your answer like this:“I think that great companies are made by great employees. Your company has areputation in the market as one of the best. I would like to be a part of thiscompany which will give me the opportunity to learn and grow and also give methe satisfaction of contributing to its growth” www.mindqjobs.com
  9. 9. Are you willing to relocate or travel?As a fresher, you should prove that you are adaptable and willing to go thedistance.“I will be willing to travel as it will give me a good opportunity to learn aboutnew place, new cultures and make me a more rounded person to handle varioussituation. Besides, I already have the experience living outside for a few yearsand this will not be an issue for me.” www.mindqjobs.com
  10. 10. What are your goals?State a short term and long term goal to keep it clear. Youcan say:“My short term goal is get placed in a reputed companythat offers me a chance to learn and grow”“My long term goal is to grow with the organization to aposition of responsibility and accountability” www.mindqjobs.com
  11. 11. Give me an example ofyour creativity• Keep in mind, one example of where you used your mind in resolving a problem of any kind in any place.• The interviewer is looking for an example to see how you think differently www.mindqjobs.com
  12. 12. How long would you expect towork for us if hired?This question should be answered in a way that theemployer is happy and also shows that you are looking afteryourself.“I will work with this company as long as I am able tocontribute to both the company and myself in parallel sothat the company is profited and I am in a position toimprove my skills by learning” www.mindqjobs.com
  13. 13. What are your outside interests?Make sure you specify a creative interest or a learninginterest. You can say anything like:• Traveling, Chess, Meditation, Playing instruments, NGO work.Do NOT say interests like only• Watching movies, watching cricket, going out with friends, surfing net. This makes you sound lazy and unfit for new jobs www.mindqjobs.com
  14. 14. What was the toughest decisionyou ever had to make?• Be very specific on your answer. Your answer should show that you have had to sacrifice on something important.• If you feel that no difficult situation has happened, then you can tell the interviewer that no situation has been that difficult to handle. www.mindqjobs.com
  15. 15. Explain how would be an asset tothis organization?Use your positive productive qualities to say somethinglike:“I believe I am a hard working, original thinker. I am alsopunctual, honest and a dedicated worker” www.mindqjobs.com
  16. 16. Can you work under pressure?Always say “Yes” to this question otherwise there is nopoint in hiring you.“I can work well under pressure because it becomes a newlearning experience and prepares me for the next stages incareer growth” www.mindqjobs.com
  17. 17. How do you feel about workingnights and weekends?Be honest here because even the employer knows that youwill not like to work night shifts. And since you are afresher, there is no strong excuse to deny working nightshifts. So you can answer“Frankly, I would not like to work night shifts but if it is tocontribute to the company’s growth, I would be open to it. Iwill also work weekends if there is a deadline to meet” www.mindqjobs.com
  18. 18. How much salary do you expect?As a fresher, your primary objective is to gain knowledge.Treat your initial experience as purely learning with somecompensation to get by.“My priority right now is to learn and contribute to thecompany if I intend to make a career for myself. I willadhere to the company policy and accept my salaryaccording to it” www.mindqjobs.com
  19. 19. Where do you see yourselffive years from now?Most employers may not expect you to stay for 5 years inthe same company though they would like it. So to keep itprofessional, you can answer“After 5 years, I see myself in a position of responsibility inthe organization after learning continuously and handlingdifferent situations at work and with people. I see myselfachieving this through honesty, patience anddetermination” www.mindqjobs.com
  20. 20. Tell me something about our company.There is no doubt about this question.• Read the internet for as much information that you can obtain• Know what the company business is and their core competencies• Ask your friends or acquaintances about the company.• Find out how many offices/branches the company has. www.mindqjobs.com
  21. 21. Do you have any questions for me?Many good employers ask this to see what you are thinking.You can ask questions like:• Please tell me what the exact role is that I am being considered for• Please let me know if I need to equip myself with any other skills in your opinion• In case I am not selected, I request you to please give me feedback on myself so that I may answer better in the next interview• Do Not ask questions about company benefits, perks, company revenue www.mindqjobs.com
  22. 22. www.mindqjobs.com