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Email Etiquette


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Sending a resume to a HR in the company in most cases has to be done through email. This presentation covers the basics of how the email has to be structured so that it gives a professional look to the email that is sent.

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Email Etiquette

  1. 1. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail Etiquette
  2. 2. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comTopics Covered• E-Mail structure• Email Body• Addressing the person• Content of the mail• Sign off or ending appropriately• Rules to be followed• Do‟s and Don‟ts• Email Ids
  3. 3. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail Structure• To: The person you are directly addressing• Cc: For the people you are indirectly addressing• Bcc: is like Ccexcept that the addresses in To and Cc do not know that theaddresses in the Bcc are included in the conversation.• Subject: Use clear subject lines
  4. 4. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail Body• Addressing the person:Starting each email with a greeting - "Hi," "Hello," or "DearX“, “Respected Sir / Madam” is good etiquette.• Content: Simple, To-the-point, do not use short-forms, smilies• Ending the mail: End official mails with either “Thank you” or“Regards” or “Yours sincerely”
  5. 5. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comDo’s• First write the body of the email• Choose your mode of addressing carefully• Write the purpose of your mail• Re-read the email and check for spelling mistakes• Do not use smilies and abbreviations in official emails• End the email appropriately• Lastly, fill in the To and CC. Use Bcc sparingly.
  6. 6. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comDont’s• Do not use smilies (, , ...,) when sending official mails• Do not use abbreviations (fyi, asap, ...) in official emails• Do not use ALL UPPERCASE –That is the email equivalent of yelling• Do not use „Urgent‟in the subject line when sending your resume.• Do not use coloured fonts
  7. 7. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail Id CreationAlways keep your email id creation as firstname.lastname@xyz.comFor ex. If your name is Shafi Mahmed, then create your email id asFirst Name = Shafi and Last Name = Mahmed
  8. 8. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail ExamplesAbove emails are not good because• Do not have content in the body section• Not having the right content in the body section• Name of the person sending email not formatted correctly• Name of the document not formatted correctly
  9. 9. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail Examples This email is a bad example because it is a forwarded mail thatis again forwarded to the HR. Do not use words like ‘anna’ in the email body
  10. 10. www.mindqjobs.comwww.mindqjobs.comEmail SampleDear Sir / Madam,My name is <name> and I have completed <put your last course / Grad / PG> from<institute / college / University> in <stream>.I am looking for a job where i can implement my skills and work for the developmentof your esteemed organization.Please consider my resume for any suitable openings.Thanks & Regards,<name><mobile no.>