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precious smiles


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Published in: Education
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precious smiles

  1. 1. Precious smiles<br />Uploaded on February 20, 2007by Kuw_Son<br />
  2. 2. Uploaded on June 16, 2005by John Carleton<br />Zambetuleste ca un tratament cosmetic, aplicatpefataacesta ne face saradiem.<br />If I’m alive I choose to: love, being loved, enjoy life and most impotantly I choose to SMILE! <br />
  3. 3. They have a reason to smile…we all have a reason to smile! So smile buddy!<br />Uploaded on March 17, 2007by Ms L<br />
  4. 4. Uploaded on May 11, 2009by Nina Matthews Photography<br />‘’Un râset este un zâmbet care explodează.’’<br /> Mary H. Waldrip<br />Smile with your heart!<br />Smile with your whole face!<br />Smile with your whole being!<br />Make smile your favorit sport.<br />
  5. 5. Learn to smile!<br />Uploaded on March 29, 2007by gi@como<br />Uploaded on May 7, 2009by craigCloutier<br />You think that you don’t have a reason to smile? <br /> Try it! It’s not so hard!<br />Look at me! You don’t need a reason to smile. Just smile!<br />Uploaded on September 14, 2008by parramitta<br />You’re doing great! Remember: life is beautiful, you’re beautiful! Be happy and SMILE!<br />See, it’s easy! Don’t hide, don’t be abashment to express your feelings.<br />Uploaded on October 11, 2009by fabiogis50<br />Uploaded on April 14, 2007by *Zara<br />
  6. 6. Faith, love,happinessand smileeeeeeeeeeeee!!!<br />Uploaded on June 27, 2006by .margotta.<br />
  7. 7. Funny smiles…<br />Uploaded on July 12, 2007by Marcus Vegas<br />Uploaded on February 21, 2008by Alessandro Pinna<br />Uploaded on December 1, 2008by atomicshark<br />Uploaded on October 17, 2009by evelynishere<br />Uploaded on January 10, 2006by peacock24<br />Uploaded on October 9, 2006by Felix42 contra la censura<br />Uploaded on October 12, 2007by tinyfroglet<br />
  8. 8. They smile too…<br />Uploaded on March 8, 2008by nwtarcticrose<br />Uploaded on July 24, 2006by Nanaki<br />Uploaded on February 8, 2008by germeister<br />Uploaded on November 2, 2009by digital_image_fan<br />Uploaded on October 10, 2008by *bri*<br />Uploaded on January 18, 2007by funny strange or funny ha ha<br />
  9. 9. Tristetea se vindecaprinzambet.<br />Zambesc:<br /><ul><li>Fiintelordragi (familie, prieteni, amici, colegi etc).
  10. 10. Batranilor
  11. 11. Copiilor
  12. 12. Florilor
  13. 13. Animalelor
  14. 14. Unuipahar de cola cu gheatasilamaie in zilelecalduroase de vara
  15. 15. Ploii
  16. 16. Mameimelecandimi face savarine
  17. 17. Atatcelor care merita cat sicelor care nu merita.</li></ul>Uploaded on February 9, 2006by rolands.lakis<br />Un zambetsincereste ca o ploaieracoroasa de vara. Itirevigoreazasiimprospateazaintreagafiinta.<br />
  18. 18. Made by: Suciu Ana Daniela<br />Uploaded on September 21, 2008by horizontal.integration<br />Uploaded on February 11, 2009by .Kristy.<br />