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Interactive Learning Media and Learning Experience Design


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This presentation is used as a requirement of preparation phase in summer internship at Pinteraktif Media 2014

Bandung, 24 Juni 2014
Suci Fadhilah

Published in: Technology, Education

Interactive Learning Media and Learning Experience Design

  1. 1. Week #1 - DAY 2 (24 June ‘14) : Interactive Learning Media and Learning Experience Design SUCI FADHILAH
  2. 2. Computer Science UI 2011 Current state: Really want to know more about how to make a better e-learning content media by implementing Learning Experience Design, Human Computer Interaction, polished by the great User Experience That’s why now I’m here at Pinteraktif Media :D.“
  3. 3. Print or Text Graphics and Video Video Conferencing PDA, computer tablet Internet of things CHARACTERISTICS OF INTERACTIVE ONLINE LEARNING MEDIA -Patrick J. Fahy, Athabasca University
  4. 4. Interactive media support communities, based on what people do together, not where or when “ - Rovai & Barnum, 2003 Community becomes a process, not merely a place“ - Cannell, 1999 structured and systematic social interaction, using media, is essential to significant learning “ -Fulford & Zhang, 1993; Ragan, 1999; Dilworth & Willis, 2003; Garrison & Cleveland-Innes, 2005; Conrad, 2005
  5. 5. …the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught “ - Oxford ….berusaha memperoleh kepandaian atau ilmu; berlatih; berubah tingkah laku atau tanggapan yg disebabkan oleh pengalaman “ - KBBI
  6. 6. …a design discipline that aims to make learning more effective and fun. It uses experience as the foundation for learning. There’s a focus on innovative use of media, both analogue and digital “
  7. 7. ' Research Design <html> <head></head> <body> <h1></h1> <p></p> <br/> </body> </html> Development Management • What is the purpose? • How is going to be discuss? • What are the learning objectives? • Who are the learners? • How do they learn?
  8. 8. Andre Plaut Education Product Manager of General Assembly (GA) (30 January 2014)
  9. 9. What are the goals of your learners and your organization?
  10. 10. What are the key topics, methods, activities, and logistics required?
  11. 11. How will the topics be structured?
  12. 12. What actually the learners be doing, hearing, and seeing during learning?
  13. 13. What will the learning experience sound and look like?
  14. 14. Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I LEARN. “ Benjamin Franklin
  15. 15. All the pictures are taken from Jeff Hawking – On Intelligence John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, and Rodney R. Cocking – How People Learn Andre Plaut – Element of Learning Experience Design Patrick J. Fahy - Characteristic of Interactive Online Learning Media