Seminar SAT Test_ACT Test


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SAT Test / ACT Test Seminar in Atlanta GA powered by Success Prep.

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Seminar SAT Test_ACT Test

  1. 1. SAT / ACT Which Test Should I Take?
  2. 2. Why Students Struggle with low SAT & ACT scores? ➢11th & 12th graders taking a test on 9th & 10th grade material. ➢Start early in 10th grade Test 1 + 11th grade for Test 2 & possibly Test 3 ➢High GPA ≠ High SAT scores. Most High Schools are NOT College Prep, but Diploma Prep ➢Take a Prep class, to help you understand the tricks & develop strategies for the SAT/ACT
  3. 3. SAT / ACT Math Differences ➢ SAT Math : Basic Arithmetic to Algebra 2 ➢SAT Math questions are presented in word problem form. The student’s critically thinking ability to problem solve is the goal of the test. ➢The SAT questions are shorter 20 – 25 min sections when compared to longer 60 -­‐75 min sections on the ACT. ➢ ACT Math : Basic Arithmetic to Trigonometry ➢The ACT feels like an advanced High school graduation test in Math, English & Science. ➢The ACT is a fast paced test, with 60 questions in 60 mins on the Math section. ➢The ACT has a Science section; simply English comprehension with scientific facts. ➢ On the ACT: Answer every question, ➢ On the SAT: Be more selective. You loose points for wrong multiple choice answer on the SAT.
  4. 4. What Test Should My Student Take? ➢ The ACT is a fast pace test (e.g 60 Math questions in 60 mins). If your student is a slow reader (75% of ACT requires heavy reading) and is intimidated by scientific facts and experiments; take the SAT Test ➢ Can your student process math that is not like their homework and excels at problem solving? if yes, take the SAT Test ➢ Does your student have problems with "shifting" (going from one thing to the next seamlessly)? If yes, take the ACT Test since there are less shifts from one section to another. ➢ Does your student hate reading & analyzing long passages to pick out the right answer? if yes, take the SAT Test since it consists of less reading compared to ACT test. 75 % of the ACT test involves heavy reading of long passages.
  5. 5. 3 Things that Increase your Student’s Scores. ➢ Start early, you only have 10th & 11th grade; consider 11th grade your last year of High School ➢ The Material on the ACT & SAT is 9th & 10th grade content, so you want your student taking the test when they still remember the material. ➢ Take a Prep course ➢ Students who take a good prep course know exactly what to do & NOT to do on each Test i.e. SAT: don’t answer every question, focus on the ones you know | ACT: answer all questions. ➢ A Prep course also makes sure your student actually sits down each week and studies just for the test. ➢ Online prep is ineffective and students can’t interact with instructor. ➢ Plan to take the test 2 to 3 times ➢ As the student gets more familiar with the pace and conditioning from prior testing & prep courses, they score better because they can better deal with the 4 hour stress.
  6. 6. SAT /ACT Prep Verbal: Reading ➢ SAT Reading section test is more vocabulary based. There will be a lot of obscure and foreign words. ➢ Two different types of questions: ➢ Sentence Completions and Passage Reading questions. ➢ More of the passage reading questions are analytical on the SAT ➢ ACT One Reading Section with four different passages taken from fiction, social science, humanities, and natural science. ➢ Both have questions that ask about ideas directly stated in the passage and also about ideas that they want you to infer from the passage. Testing reasoning skills. Also ask about the meanings of words within the context. ➢ Practice reading unfamiliar material and build vocabulary daily. ➢ Always refer to passage for answer ➢ Do not rely on prior knowledge
  7. 7. SAT /ACT Prep Verbal: Writing/English ➢ SAT Reading Writing consists of an Essay in section one and multiple choice questions in two other sections. ➢ 25 minutes to write essay ➢ Multiple choice has three different types of questions in one section. 35 questions to answer in 25 minutes ➢ Essay and multiple choice sections together determine writing score. ➢ ACT One English Multiple Choice Section with five different passages to read and correct or edit underlined portions of each passage. ➢ 75 questions in 45 minutes ➢ Essay is optional and does not affect your writing score. ➢ Both test grammar and usage, sentence structure, writing strategy, organization and style. ➢ Familiarize yourself with common errors like subject verb agreement, how to correct run on sentences and how to use punctuation marks.
  8. 8. SAT /ACT Prep Verbal: Other Tips ➢Spend more time on the easier questions in the beginning ➢DO NOT pick answers just because they look good. Focus on what you know and use the process of elimination to narrow down choices. ➢To stay focused on long reading passages ➢Take brief notes ➢Underline or highlight information ➢Read the questions first if you are having trouble staying focused. ➢Stop and ask yourself questions before continuing to read without understanding.
  9. 9. Sample Math SAT / ACT Question ➢ If rstv = 1 and stvu = 0, which of the following must be true? A) r<1 B) s<1 C) t>1/2 D) u = 0 E) v = 0 ➢ KEY FACT: if stvu = 0, then one of the letters s, t, v or u must have a value = 0 ➢ Since rstv = 1, then no letter r,s,t,v is = 0 ➢ The only letter not in rstv = 1 but in stvu = 0 is U ➢ Therefore the answer is D) U = 0 ➢ Work with the info. giving to you, it’s usually good enough
  10. 10. Resources to Assist your Student ➢Prep class details available across Atlanta ➢SAT & ACT Prep Classes @ ➢Prep Class Registration ➢ ➢SAT Registration ➢ ➢ACT Registration ➢ ➢Success Prep Contact: 404-­‐351-­‐4955