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The Ultimate Facebook Post Checklist


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This four step guide is designed to help you create awesome content on Facebook that's good for both your business and your audience.

1) Increase Your EdgeRank Score
If you’re not familiar with EdgeRank, it’s Facebook’s algorithm to determine where your post shows up in the newsfeed and for how long. Posts with images and videos rank the highest followed by posts with links and text.

2) Track Your Links
Don’t publish anything without setting up a simple way to track your links first. When you can see which links your fans are clicking it gives you a direct look at what type of content your audience is interested in.

3) Craft Your Message
This step seems obvious but it’s about more than just pasting text into a box. You need to craft a unique message that your audience can relate to.

4) Don’t Forget Your CTA
Getting your fans to engage with your posts is easy. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!

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